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Lucius Sempronius Atratinus


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Lucius Sempronius Atratinus

41 | 12 December 34AD | Senatore | Senator | Heterosexual | Original | Matthew Goode





Lucius is a Roman Patrician through and through. His families name and fame are critical to his sense of self and he would do almost anything to bring it back to the lofty heights their family enjoyed during the Republic. Personally Lucius is stern and he doesn't suffer fools gladly. He rules his family with an iron fist which includes the management of his children and staff. Whilst not intentionally cruel, he has absolutely no qualms about punishing those who cross him, particularly his slaves and ex-wife whether that be through corporal means for the former, and mind-games for the latter. He's difficult to read and hides his emotions well, which make him seem detached and aloof. Internally though he seethes; both for the stupidity of his father, and out of jealousy for all those things that others have that he wishes for. Whilst he can be amiable and has a few close friends, in comparison to many of his contemporaries he can be seen as a bit of a loner, and not one for the frivolities of Rome. He has loved infrequently in his life, and has no daydreams about achieving it although he cares deeply for his children. He enjoys politicking and has a very sharp mind, which he unfortunately doesn't get to use as often as he likes given his lack of political appointments.



Lucius is tall and his bearing (perfect posture, back straight, shoulders pulled back) make him appear even taller. He has a lithe but athletic figure, which has been built through his favourite exercises (running, swimming) rather than hours spent lifting the weights at the palaestra. He has dark hair and tanned skin from years in the Italian sun. He tries to keep his hair short and clean shaven as befits a man of his station. His eyes, however, are an unusual shade of green which glint blue in certain lights. He wears the 'uniform' of his class - and dons a toga for more formal occasions. As befits his stern and unforgiving personality, he prefers more muted hues in his clothes and doesn't understand his contemporaries who dress in the colours of the rainbow. He has a scar on his forehead from his service in the legions as a Tribune, reaching his right eyebrow although it has faded significantly in recent years and is now a silvery-white line. 



(TW - child loss)

Father: Gaius Sempronius Atratinus (deceased, born 10AD - died 70AD at age 54)

MotherGaia Calavia (deceased, born 18AD - died 40AD at age 22)


Full siblings:

Secundus Sempronius Atratinus (deceased, born 36AD - died 37AD at age 1)

Aulus Sempronius Atratinus (alive, born 40AD - aged 35)

Half siblings: 

Tertius Sempronius Atratinus (deceased, born 47AD - died 68AD at age 21)

Sempronia Papiria (alive, born 50AD - aged 25) - recently divorced

Sempronia Paetilla (deceased, born 54AD - died 57AD at age 3)

Spouse: -


Gaius Sempronius Atratinus (alive, born 63AD - aged 12)

Secundus Sempronius Atratinus (deceased, born 64AD - died 68AD at age 4)

Sempronia Atratina (alive, born 66AD - aged 9)

Sempronia Gessilla (alive, born 69AD - aged 6)

Lucius Sempronius Atratinus (deceased, born 71AD - died 72AD at age 1)

Extended family:

Stepmother: Papiria Paeta (alive, born 30AD - aged 45) - is considering remarriage. 

First cousins (via his mother who was the younger sister of their mother):

Publius Horatius Justinus

Horatia Justina

Livia Justina

Lucius Horatius Justinus 


Ex-wife: Gessia Ursina (alive, born 47AD - aged 28)




34AD: Lucius is born the first child and first son of an unhappy union between Gaius Sempronius Atratinus and Gaia Calavia, two patricians aged twenty four and sixteen respectively at the time. He was born nearly nine months to the date of their wedding and was treated as an auspicious sign of their union, despite lots of arguments and resentment already building between the young couple. 

36AD: A younger brother is born between his parents, although he sadly dies in early childhood just after his first birthday in 37AD. 

40AD: A final child is born between the couple, Lucius' younger brother Aulus. He's a healthy child but the birth leads to an infection for his mother and she passes away two weeks later. His father is wracked with guilt over their fractious marriage and pays little attention to his sons for a handful of years, preferring to focus on his career which takes him out and into the Empire. Lucius and Aulus are cared for by their paternal grandmother during this time. 

45AD: His father returns from some far off province and hastily remarries, having resolved whatever guilt he felt on some far away battleground. His new bride is the fifteen year old Papiria Paeta, although out of respect for their age difference, the couple do not move in together until shortly after her sixteenth birthday. 

47AD: Lucius gets another sibling by way of his stepmother; another brother they name Tertius. His stepmother is an amiable woman and settles into family life well, although the growing Lucius never quite grows to like her and finds her presence in his mothers house (even if he can't really remember his mother) irritating. 

50AD: Lucius' youngest surviving sibling is born, a sister. A little later in the year he dons his toga virilis for the first time and officially becomes a man in the eyes of the law. He feels immense pride, even if his father shows utter disinterest whilst he is focused on his political career rather than his family life.

54AD: Aged twenty, Lucius starts his climb up the cursus honorum in the year his youngest sibling - another sister - is born. He is elected to the vigintiviri along with 19 of contemporaries and serves in the role for a year, finding he has a knack for magistracy. 

56AD: Lucius is appointed as a Tribune in Hispania. He is slightly galled to be going to such a 'tame' province (especially when war rages on in Britannia) but accepts his commission and rides out of Rome aged twenty-two. He serves in the role for four years and performs capably, but clearly is not destined for military life. 

60AD: Lucius returns to Rome after his service and takes up a role as a quaestor in Rome. His attention to detail and skill in accounts means he is well respected and his star is on the up. 

62AD: Cyprianus' dictatorship causes unease in the family. His father, however, stubbornly refuses to flee to Antioch with the rest of the reduced Senate and takes to his villa near Napoli. Later in the year when civil war breaks out and Clemens declares himself Caesar Lucius cautions his father before proclaiming for any of the men vying for the purple. Ignoring his advice, Gaius throws his support behind Clemens and returns to Rome. Lucius himself has no choice but to follow the will of his father, albeit reluctantly. He stays at the villa and stews in anger. When chaos reigns and the contenders start to fall, Lucius writes to his father and urges him to renege on his support for Clemens. The letter goes on unanswered. After Quintus' triumph, Gaius finally apologises to the family. They are required to pay 25% of their wealth to the state during the amnesty, which they do. The family return to Rome in December, ridiculed and having fallen from their great height. 

63AD: Desperate to shake off the infamy of their failures during the civil war, Lucius marries a young senatorial girl Gessia Ursina, daughter of of one of Quintus' long-time supporters Decimus Gessius Ursinus. The marriage is unhappy from the get-go, with Lucius distracted and trying to  pick up the pieces of his political career. Nonetheless, they manage to produce a son - Gaius - who is born nearly nine months to the date of their marriage.

64AD: A second son arrives, and Lucius lobbies for further advancement. He makes no progress, and grows increasingly frustrated - lashing out at his wife and staff, and growing estranged from his father as he decides to move out of his domus. 

66AD: Lucius finally manages to secure a position (having bought off the election) and is appointed a Curule Aedile. Suspicion is cast over how he could win one of the two patrician seats, but he tries to ignore it and focuses on restoration of the city that was largely destroyed by the civil war and still lies in ruins. His daughter is born this year, and Lucius warms immediately to her - more so than he did his sons.

67AD: Lucius' term ends as an aedile.

68AD: Lucius' daughter dies and he blames his wife. The couples marriage is increasingly fractious and they temporarily separate, with Gessia returning to her father for six months. 

69AD: Lucius retreats to the villa after an unsuccessful attempt to be considered for a term as a legate (in the hope it would get him out of Rome and away from his misery). He suspects his previous history as being no more than average in military matters, and his fathers poor choices in politics affect his standing. Furious, he leaves Rome for the year and forces Gessia to return to him. The couple have another (their second) daughter but their marriage is irreparably damaged. When Gessia's father dies, and with her brother absent on duty in the Empire, there's nowhere for her to run to and so she stays with Lucius.

70AD: Lucius' father dies and he becomes paterfamilias. Determined to not let the past haunt him, he returns to Rome and his fathers old domus where he campaigns to be elected Praetor in the upcoming election. His lack of popularity with the imperials, and lack of military honours dampen his chances and he loses. Furious, he lashes out on his family and keeps an increasingly tight grip on them. His stepmother moves out in protest, but as paterfamilias he instructs his his half-sister to remain living with him. Papiria has no choice to agree. Gessia, increasingly disillusioned and desperate to leave, falls pregnant for the fifth time. 

71AD: Lucius' third son is born, but not even that can save his marriage.

72AD: Lucius' third son dies, and again, it only deepens the cavernous cracks in his marriage. As Gessia's brother returns from a campaign, she finally has the strength to ask him to pursue a divorce. Forever politicking, Lucius can see it coming and seeks one first - claiming is wife is unstable and damaging to his children. The magistrate, a family friend, sides with him and a divorce is granted. The children remain in his care, and Gessia returns to her brother. Lucius allows her a visitation once a month, and stops it sporadically in punishment for her trying to leave him.

74AD: Lucius quietly attempts to canvas support for another run at a Praetorship, but is told this years are a shoe-in and he should focus on next years elections. He silently seethes at younger, more inexperienced and less-bright men being elected in his place.

75AD: He currently lives in Rome with: his half-sister (recently divorced) and children (his brother having his own domus), and is considering another run at a Praetorship. 


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