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December 12th, 75AD

Imagine that - being summoned, somebody like him? Of course the invitation wasn't written as a summons, no no, it was perfectly polite and affable and drafted in a way to make it appear that it was just an opportunity for cousins to 'catch up' after all the trials and tribulations of the last several years. Never mind that they were cousins only by virtue of blood and not friendship - Lucius' mother (Publius' maternal aunt) had died when Publius was only five years old. They'd claimed friendship though, of course, throughout their childhoods but the maternal line and its connection was never as strong as the paternal and Lucius far preferred the nature of his paternal cousins anyhow. Still, family was family, and so he dutifully replied that he'd be delighted to reminisce and attend Publius' domus. He just hoped that none of the other family were in attendance so might have some interesting conversation. 

He arrived at the domus at the appointed time and ran a hand through his dark hair, neatening it out. He was dressed finely (and practically given the chill) for the occasion,which he was pleased for as he was ushered into the atrium of the domus by one of the slaves. He blinked as his eyes adjusted to the dull light, illuminated as it was by torches and the great open portion of the ceiling. It was a little after lunch, and the man's clients had evidently left for the day judging by the sounds of children - or teenagers if his memory served him - filling the place. He hoped they weren't intending to join the conversation, he'd left his own children at home in the care of various slaves. It wasn't fitting to have them present for things such as this, not yet at least for his son. 

He blinked, growing irritated at being kept waiting as his host loomed into view. He effected a smile on his face and moved to embrace his cousin, "Publius," He said as he pulled back, eyeing the man carefully. "It's been what? Two, three years perhaps?" He'd been on some sort of military expedition if memory served. "Too long in any regard." He made no comment or platitudes on the house - it was as fine as any other domus in Rome and didn't require any special praise. "Thank you for the invitation, I was surprised but warmed to receive it." 


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