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Late October, 75AD (Immediately after Sunset)

Azarion ran across the stables towards the offices that belonged to the Whites. Some people saw him run, and a stable boy even said something, but he pushed past him. He was only vaguely aware that his hands and knees were stained with blood. The way he was running, doubtful that anyone could tell if it was his or someone else's.

He did not wait at Marcus' door, although normally it was the rule to do so. Instead, he burst right in, and once again, he was painfully aware that he could not just yell, blurting out the things he wanted to convey.

Safinia is dead.

Safinia has been killed.

Instead, he made hurried motions to the man, pointing at the door. He would have to show him. 


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"What in..." Marcus looked up from the discussion he was having. He could not remember ever having someone burst into his office in such a way. 

He took in the boy's appearance - of course it was the mute boy (Azarion?) which meant that of course his natural question would go unanswered. 

His state did not go unnoticed; Marcus was a man who prided himself that he noticed details, and the kid seemed covered in blood. Or, not completely covered, but his tunic and hands were smeared in blood. 

"I beg you will excuse me, it appears that there is something urgent that requires my attention," he said to his visitor. "I shall call on you tomorrow to continue this conversation, if that will be acceptable to you?"

"Of course," the visitor said, rising smoothly. 

He'd probably lost the man's sponsorship, but that couldn't be helped. 

A waiting slave came to show him out and Marcus turned to give Azarion's agitated signs his full attention.

"Come with you? This had better be important!"


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Of course Marcus was not alone. Under normal circumstances Azarion would have never barged in on him like this. But this was not normal. Nothing would ever be normal again. And he did not have the words to tell him - although he was not sure if he would, eve if he had his tongue.

Marcus looked agitated, and with good reason. Azarion made more hurrying moriton at him and he followed, which was good, because the young charioteer was not sure what he would have done if he didn't. He hurried along, trusting Marcus to keep up, and trying to swallow the tears burning him up inside. 

As they walked through the courtyard to the back door, Azarion paused. He motioned at the doors, trying to signal Marcus to have them closed. If... if whoever killed Safinia belonged to the Circus, they might still be inside the buildings, hoping to go unnoticed. Doors. Closed. He waited for Marcus to understand before he headed to the one that led to the back. Where Safinia was.


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