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Maecillia Marcia


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Marcia is the oldest of the Maecillia girls. The first born and the wisest. She is not bold in the same way as her sisters Gaia and Aelia are but she still has her ways of making her points across. With kindness and the uniqueness of her brains and cunning. To a certain aspect. Marcia is well known as sweet natured and dutiful. When she was first placed into public for the idea of a match and marriage, she never was one to be flirtatious. That remained even true when she had met the man she called her husband. Blushes came and went with her. Eye looks whenever possible. But never one to be as overly flirtatious as many women her age. But upon reaching her years of maturity, she began to show just how good and proper she is. She is often shocked at behavior she cannot understand. Including her own rambunctious sister, Gaia. In fact, she often would try to reign in her sister's behavior, not to be diskind but to save her before she does something so silly and foolish. She overtime had also become very happy and very greatful for what she has within her life. Right down for how lucky she is to have a husband and son healthy, alive and well. 

But Marcia wasn't always like this. In fact, Marcia could often had been described as someone who had great avarice within her life. She still classifies this as one of her many flaws. Someone who wished for much wealth and wanted many things for material gain. When she first started to look for suitors, she wanted to see herself as a wife of senatore, even so far as to wish the richest man would cast his eyes or would even want her even without all of the flirtations. But she also saw many other women in the city with the greatest dresses and even the large group of friends, she wanted that. No she craved to have that within her live. She seemed to have it in spades. It wasn't until that Marcia started to learn that the greatest of things wasn't in the material things or even with wealth. It was you had. It was the hard work that it took to get these things. Love. Happiness. Friendships. Even families.  Of course, she still over time that she does wish for more for her son and husband. But she tries to put the values of family first, rather than the material things.

Marcia is very loyal when it comes to her family. Her parents, her husband, son. But most importantly to her sisters, she loved them all very dearly. Though they may have their differences always, Marcia would always strive to be loyal and true in the best way possible. After Luciana's death, she tried to remain as close as she could to her sisters. But do not confuse the loyality within her heart as weakness, her loyality and love give her the utmost strength. 


Marcia was the eldest of her sisters and so, she was first placed within the pathway of suitors. Men would call her a 'gentle beauty.' Or ' a rose that only blossoms within the spring.' But Marcia as a young child was very small, if not dainty within her appearance. But as she grew? She blossomed into what those would call a sweet rose. She does not have a frail complexion but one of a mother of two. Her frame is not thin but rather of a well rounded figure. Having borne a son, her figure before having a child has changed some. What was petite was no plump was still well rounded hips that could provide more children if she and her husband were so lucky to manage it. She has long dark brown hair that reaches down her back. Often in public, it is braided into a long braid that often makes her hair look longer than shorter. But when removed from the confines, you will find beautiful curls that comes with it being tightened for all of those hours within a day. Her skin tone has darkened for a light complexion. Marcia and her family live off of the pension that her husband recieved from being a scholar so no fancy garments are on her. But however, she saves some for a market it day and likes to commission a dress that befits the station. Her favorite color is usually a dark blue as well as the color her husband loves on her. 

Now when it comes to facial features, Marcia has dark blue eyes of her father as well as her mother's nose. She does have good hygiene and tries to keep up the practice of staying clean while also making sure her son also keeps up with appearances as well. Marcia considers her makeup as sort of a natural beauty. She found ways to make her own blush and rogue if she can. She seldom wears it but when she does, she wears light blush and rouge to bring out her cheeks as well. 



Father: Marcus Maecilius Tullus (Alive) 

Mother: Aelia Tubero (Alive)


Maecillia Aelia (Alive)
Maecilia Gaia - Alive 
Maecilia Luciana (Deceased)
Maecillia Aelia (Alive)

Spouse: ______ ( Name pending)

Children: One boy. 

Extended family:
Lucius Maecilius Tullus  (Grandfather) - Deceased
_________ Gaia - (Grandmother )  - Alive
Maecilia Lucia (Aunt)  - Deceased 
Manius Maecilius Tullus  (Uncle) - Alive

Gaia's husband and children
Tiberius Furius Luscus (Brother in law, Aelia's husband)

Furia Lucilla (Niece, Aelia's daughter)




Marcia was the first born child and daughter of the family in which would follow four girls within the family. She would come to learn that life wasn't so easy for their family, given the massive dowry that their father would have to overcome. But Marcia would strive to always be humble as much as she possibly could. ( While also having a bit of avrice.) From a young age, Marcia was shown often to be loyal and supportive of her family.  She promised her  mother and father from an early age that she would always be sure to protect any of the sisters that would come after her. A trait that would always define Marcia was how much she loved her sisters. She would never stop loving them and protecting them. Though they had different interests at heart, they would still always find a way to come back to one another. 

When she was young enough to be taught, she would be given her schooling on how to become a proper Roman wife. The schooling took Marcia to heart as she did feel she had some avrice and hoped to be better than what the world's position would give her. Marcia would proven to be a woman who seemed to excel at her schooling with showing a true potential, even with the many suitors that came to her heart. Marcia also considered herself a lucky person as she also managed to gain a few friends from a social circle within her means or above hers. She would often be taken in by a senatore's daughter, given beautiful gowns and invitations to gathers in which she could be watched and meet her future husband. That was what it was about wasn't it? But ultimately, Marcia's heart would eventually shy away from wanting to marry to rise above or an equal status that would benefit her. She found herself showing that she could have heart and still remain a good roman wife. That and the fates seemed to have a different idea in mind for Marcia. 

That all changed the day that Marcia met the man who would eventually become her husband. They had met one day when she was out within the market with her sisters Gaia and Aelia. He had been a man who had very little to his name. It had been rumored he only had an infantry pension. Others said he was a tutor or even someone with the same profession. But Marcia knew the moment she met him that he struck her heart in a way not one man had been able to. His heart and the way he had his manner of life charmed her. Of course yes he was also handsome but Marcia wanted to look beyond that. She did. Eventually they started to get to know one another and over the time that they spent together, Marcia started to slowly fall in love of him. When talk of marriage happened, her father would first and foremost ask Marcia if this marriage and love was what she wanted. As Marcia's heart grew so did her mind.  She did not care for being in an above class. She cared for love. Her future husband would have little amount to provide for them but Marcia was ever the more determined they would be able to pull it through. Such odds can overcome and Marcia's heart would never love another she felt. 

Choosing love, Marcia and her husband would then marry. Two months to the day, Marcia would give birth to their son. While still managing to care for their son, Marcia still tries to run a household while also keeping in touch with her family. That bond would never diminish and thankfully her husband did understand that. Marcia lost Luciana and it was the only time where she would weep so openly in front of her son. But the family bond would always grow above and beyond anything else. 



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