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October 75 AD

It was her favorite time of the year. Going to shop for new fabrics. As the daughter of a senator, he tasked Safinia with making sure her apperance was up to par. But she knew the true reason for it. Safinia knew that her father would not stop until she was arranged and close to being married off. But his tactics were...less than tact. She had to apologize for the last time that had occurred and she knew it would not be the last time. But going out to the market did seem to get her out of the home in which they stayed. Safinia liked to coordinate the silks she bought with ones that would be perfect for the occasion or season that the city found itself in. Of course she did not make the dresses themselves. No, no. She seemed to trust the ladies that put it together. However. She did have this little trick that she liked to find thread in order to make patterns on her dresses. It makes them feel like they are something that she wears for her. That makes her feel..well, more like her. Not someone her father could parade around. In fact, it was something a little hurtful. But she would make do as she must. 

But not without remaining true to herself. When dressing with the help of one of her servants, she found a pink dress with golden leaves around the top and bottom of the dress. When asked about it, one of the servants said it was a suggestion from her father. Of course. But she kept herself silent as she dressed, also allowing a matching pink hair adornment (or veil for her hair) to be in the back of her hair. Once obtaining the bag of coins that was gifted to her, she grabbed her small basket and one of her house female slaves were out of the house and began their walk. As they walked Safinia liked to talk to the lady with her about the seasons and suggestions from her observations. She always had the greatest helps for the silks she would purchase and she hoped today would be no different either. As they entered the market, the familiar shouts of the merchants were coming through. From fruits to figs to the usual gold, the marketplace was alive as ever.  It was a pleasant sound to her ears. 

Sometimes she bought a little bit of fruit for her to eat upon her return back. But as she passed by the section with the fabrics, she stopped in midstep as she looked through each of them with wondering eyes as she reached out to touch the fabric but as she looked she felt like some eyes were upon her, but she was so transfixed she couldn't even bear to notice it for right now. It was in fact her simple getaway.



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Wulfric had yet to buy new clothes since he came to Rome a little more than a month ago – and he probably should, since he only brought two sets with him… the ordinary clothes for daily work and then a finer set too. And since he got himself a job in a warehouse at the market, he had earned both enough coin for the tiny, one-room insula he got, for food and now he thought he might have enough for new clothes.

 Wulfric didn’t know how to sew though, that was usually something women did at home. They would weave the cloth and dye it and they would sew it. In Rome, he would have to try something new… he would buy cloth and he would have someone unknown make the clothes for him! He understood so far that he would need a tunica, perhaps to the knees, and some kind of fabric to wrap around himself. Some called it a toga, some a stola and he honestly was not sure what the difference was. And then there was something called a palla. It was all very confusing. Maybe a new tunica would be enough to begin with.

 He found the proper area of the market that dealt with fabrics and clothes and walked around there, wearing his – to the Romans – barbaric, woolen and rough clothes. His tunica, ending mid-thigh, was light green and underneath it he wore light brown, full-length trousers. Something very uncommon in Rome, he understood. There weren’t many people on the street yet, it was still early in the day, but he saw a young woman, wearing a color he didn’t think he’d seen people wear before. He’d seen flowers of that color, but a dress? That was new. How did the Romans do it? Wulfric preferred more earthy colors to himself, at least for daily clothes. For finer occasions, more colorful clothes were preferred. Maybe the woman wearing the light-red dress would be of help.

 Wulfric approached her and looked at the fabric in the same shop she was at. The shopkeeper was nowhere to be seen right now. He was still adjusting to the Roman way to do things, Iophon had helped him a bit, but there was still a long way to go. He looked at the young, darkhaired woman in the flower-colored dress, “Apologies, I hope you no mind, but… is this good fabric for man clothes? You know?”


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