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18 | 4th May 58 | Slave | Gardener | Demisexual | Wanted | Marina Moschen





Europa, for most of her life, has been a docile thing and was trained to be so. She, like many of her station in life, chooses not to make many waves in order to be spared negative attention from her owners. Quiet and reserved, she isn't much of a talker even when spoken to. She does bare resentment towards her circumstances, often wishing her father would free her. And in her own despair she is resolved in the knowledge that he probably won't ever do so. And there is a growing rebellious side in her that wishes for a taste of freedom. She bares little fondness towards her sire, his wife and mistress and his other children. 



She is petite and of a slender figure, though not underfed. She has her father's dark hair which falls to her waist, often pulled back and her mother's dark eyes, and is pretty of face. Her daily wardrobe is one that is consistent of that of a slave within a senatorial household. She is not allowed jewelry nor make up. At the end of a long day in the gardens, she's often seen with a smudge of two of dirt on her cheek from brushing her hair out of her face. 



Father: Gaius Fabius Maximus

Mother: Dorcas

Siblings: Gaius' other children. 

Spouse: n/a

Children: n/a

Extended family: Connections though her father and mother. 

Other: She gets on with most of the other household slaves well. 



There isn't much to Europa's story. The domus she calls home is the same domus she was born in. The daughter of the then young heir and the slave girl he took to bed. A spring baby that came in the year 58. She would be the eldest of his children and the most unfortunate of them. Whilst her half siblings enjoyed freedom, no matter their legitimacy or lack of it, she would live a life enslaved. Under the same roof as her father, never truly acknowledged. Sure she knew who he was to her, her mother would whisper it to her in moments between them. 

The other slaves that worked in her paternal household tried their best to teach the young girl all that she needed to know. Perhaps it was in hopes that she would one day actually be freed due to her blood connection to her father, but that was perhaps a pipe dream for all of them involved. Her life was not a harsh one, at least not physically. She took to gardening early on, something that eased the childlike need for freedom. Perhaps it was just the task of digging and playing in the dirt and watching what she helped nurture grow into beauty. 

At some point before her 16th birthday, her mother is sold off. Leaving her alone without the sole parent that loved her all of her life and with a wound that only festered distain for her father and master. Two years later, she's no closer to the freedom she desires and she's starting to find herself scared that she might never gain it. She has long given up on gaining her father's affections and even acknowledgement. 




Anna | Venusian | PM or Discord
note: brian has read and approved of it, i've been in contact with him via email.

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