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June 76 

The stadium was not so crowded that day, but old habits died hard and Cornelia found herself lured to it as she had in days of old. Bloodsport had long ceased as a cause of her heart's fluttering. And as such, her concentration was not on the match that played out below, dulled were the nearly erotic sounds of fight and clashing of metal and wood. Her eyes remained trained on the two young men she had brought with her that day. Her sons seated a few rows below her to watch the fighting at a closer spot. A tender, but proud smile tugged at her lips as she watched them nudge each other as they conversed about the match. Catching only bits and pieces of the conversation as they spoke about the two men below.

Her mind's eye overlaying the scene with a memory, of her and her brother having stolen their way to the cheaper seats. Doing much the same. An age ago when they were both young and the heaviness of life and duty didn't weight upon them. Back when they were both infatuated, for different reasons, by the same gladiator. Appius wanting to be him, and her younger self envisioning him as Mars and desiring ... other things. And a small pang in her heart brought back to reality as it reminded her that those days were gone now and she was never one to allow her vanity to try to catch what youth she had left as it fleeted away. 

Fluttering of colors pulled her sons into focus as they rose and climb back up to her, the younger of the two coming to sit next to her as Minor came to stand beside her, asking if she wanted something to eat. "Make sure you bring something back for your brother." She added after replying with a yes and handed him her coin purse. She felt Appius' head lay on her shoulder as the crowd's sound died down as the arena was being prepared for the next bout, the soft question was barely heard when he asked her if she had a favorite when younger.

"Mmm," she hummed at herself as she mused over a reply, "There were many greats back then, but your uncle and I shared a favorite." She continued, her mind going back to the memory that had flooded her thoughts moment ago. "Lexus was his name, but once upon a time you wouldn't have been able to convince me that he wasn't Mars incarnate. And I'm pretty sure your uncle wanted to be him or to have followed in his footsteps. Silly youthful dreams." She drawled out, leaning her head to rest on the top of his as her son chuckled softly. 

"Now, what about you? Hmm? Any favorites? I fear I don't know the new names and faces as well as I do the ones when I was your age and slight older." She asked, her smile brightening as the boy of 14 straightened up and began chattering away at her. Her attention was only lured away from her son for a moment, as she stretched and accidently elbowed the person behind her, "My apologies." She said sparing the person behind a second's glace and an apologetic but sheepish smile. 


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