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Here is my enslaved Dacian captured about a year ago by Roman forces lead by Titus Sulpicius Rufus (played by Liv). He now belongs to Rufus but has been contracted out to Marcus Eppius Parthenicus, leader of the white's faction chariot team (played by Sharpie). Tarbus is cousin to Zia (played by Sara), another enslaved Dacian owned by Rufus, taken in the same skirmish. Tarbus has been put to work as a general stable hand for the whites, and he'd be either at their stables in the Campus Martius or at the Circus Maximus. He pretends to know less Latin and Greek than he actually does (which is passable, and probably has improved in the past year). He is always on the look out for some means to escape - but first needs to track down his cousin and her child. His left arm is visibly crooked, and he has limited use of it, having healed badly from a sword inflicted injury when he was taken along with many of the Ratacenses. If you know of any reason why your character(s) would know him, encounter him or you need him for a thread or plot idea, please give me a shout :)

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