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23 | 1st March 53 CE | Equite | Bookkeeper for Domus Venus | Bisexual | Original | Zoë Kravitz





Tiny, fierce and independent; Three words that define Neith to a tee. She's rather protective of herself and her reputation, but that has never stopped her from going after her goals in life. Born in to a strange circumstance has meant that there has been a lot of resentment from her father's side, and she has spent many years beating herself down about that. However she has tried to regain some of her integrity, embracing her differences and not seeing them as an obstacle but rather something that makes her stand out in a good way. While she in her father's eyes will always come second to her other siblings, she knows this is a rare opportunity to have what some might consider freedom; Her father rarely cares what she does, as long as it is out of his way. This meant that she got a pretty nice education, sitting in on many of her half-brother's lectures, and learning both Latin, Greek and Arabic. 

She's a compelling woman, one of rare beauty (especially among her father's officer friends), but this also made her quite sought after in her hometown of Alexandria. She does not however realize her beauty, much more preferring to exploring her surroundings and meeting new people. Her biggest dream is perhaps to one day make her own money through her own brilliance. 



157cm 5ft 2in

Brown eyes, golden specs

Long dark brown hair

Full lips

Petite features



Father: Horatius

Step-mother: Priscilla

Mother: Rehema (deceased)


Half-brother: Seneca

Half-sister: Tacita

Spouse: n/a

Children: n/a

Extended family: n/a

Other: Titinia Novella (Brothel madam for Domus Venus, somewhat guardian)



53-60 CE -- Rehema was the talk of the town as Horatius had made her his wife. She was known mostly by her beauty, one that the aspiring roman politician wanted by his side. It didn't take long before their first child, Neith, was born. It was a joyous moment, and while Horatius was apprehensive about the name, preferring to give his daughter a roman name, Rehema would have none of it. Disaster struck as Neith's mother caught an illness, one that in the end killed the otherwise strong woman. Horatius was devistated, and while he wanted time to grieve, he couldn't bear living in his villa alone. Therefore not long after Rehema's death, Horatius married Priscilla who also soon fell pregnant. Late in the year 55 CE Priscilla gives birth to a healthy son which they name Seneca. Neith spent many of her childhood years playing in her father's villa just outside of Alexandria, experiencing how her father soon grew tired of her, she felt her insecurities grow. 

60 CE -- 

67 CE --

70 CE

72 CE 

76 CE



Andy | GMT+1 | Discord (Malfalia#0287)

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