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There's a joke here somewhere and it's on me

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It was just about eight months since the birth of Tertius' son and Teutus was no nearer to being able to get out of this house permanently than he had been this time last year. He was closer to setting up his business, though, so perhaps he was nearer getting out than he felt. It didn't help his state of mind that he'd had to consciously avoid Charis, because where she was, her son was too.

Today, though, was a nice bright warm day and Teutus had gone to sit in the garden with his tabula and his thoughts,  and found himself just enjoying the sun, thinking very little of any consequence.

By the time he realised he was no longer alone, and realised who the intruder was, it was too late to be elsewhere without it looking as if he was deliberately evading her, as he had done his best to since the day Tertius had taken Peregrinus up as a freeborn child.



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