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Guest Sadrienne

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Guest Sadrienne


[URL=http://www.tallygarunga.com/]HOME[/URL] | [URL=http://tallygarunga.com/index.php?act=Pages&kid=guidebook#rules]RULES[/URL] | [URL=http://tallygarunga.com/index.php?act=Pages&kid=guidebook#appguide/]HOW TO APPLY[/URL] | [URL=https://discord.gg/B5pvBb4]DISCORD[/URL]

Imagine being the only Ministry-funded wizarding school in the entire country.
Yep, that's right. All the "rejects" who couldn't get into, or afford, prestigious
private schools end up at Tallygarunga. It's always been that way, and we're
proud of it. Lately, the love-hate relationship between school and Ministry is
getting rockier, and that's not [i]all[/i] that is going downhill...[/center]

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