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Owyn of the Brigantes


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29 | 9th of January, 47 AD | Slave | Gladiator | Heterosexual | Wanted | Charlie Hunnam





Once upon a time, there was a man called Marius, but before he became a slave, he was Owyn. Owyn? Oh, Owyn used to be a prince. He used to be a shield-bearer, a rich man's rich man. Arrogant, imperious, violent, and often cruel, he did few things - mainly, he fought, he drank, and he fornicated. Now? Now, Owyn is no longer a drunk, but he's a mean, bitter, angry man, kept in check mainly by a broken spirit and a quiet little case of a broken heart. He likes fighting, infact it's pretty much the only thing he's actually good at, and he enjoys the rush of killing a man. But really? He's given up. He's just mindlessly accepting what has happened to him, snapping at fellow slaves, and mutely obeying his owners. He's not rebellious, just..dulled. When he's called up to train as a gladiator, he sometimes has to be dragged out of his bed, and some have compared beating him to beating a mattress - he groans, but it's often more to get it over with.

So he's basically a horrible, cantankerous moron, who doesn't really have any friends. Why keep him around? He's a fantastic swordsman, a peerless horsemaster, and worth his weight in gold in the arena. He was raised and trained by the finest warriors of the Brigantes, his skill har- blah, blah, blah. He's very good at fighting, and it is completely undermined by his lack of showmanship, his strategy usually being 'stab them quite a few times'. He is aggressive, and a genius when it comes to footwork, but his main strength comes from sheer savagery - he bites, he kicks, he rakes with his fingernails. Owyn has headbutted men into the dirt, kicked sand in their face, and pissed on their corpse just to make a point. He has beaten smaller men to death with their own helmet, and bled large men with quick, lacerating strikes. When Owyn fights, he dances, he prances, and then he moves in and makes his play, and adapts quickly. When it comes to fighting smart and dirty, Owyn is one of the best. Honour and him parted ways a few years ago.

He's sarcastic, cold, bitter, and rarely happy, but every now and then, the remnants of the man he once was creep out. The smile glistens, his eyes twinkle, and the jokes begin to flow.  He laughs heartily, and he dances with a joy that the dour and focused killer rarely displays. His singing voice is magnificent and sweet - but only his lovers ever hear it. 




Excuse me. Owyn is an exceptionally tall Briton, corded with muscle and raked by scars. He essues his tribal customs of wearing a beard some days, and closely shaves it. He's blonde, blue eyed, and built like a beast. He usually strides around in a simple tunic, and usually wears a lorica hamata and wields a British longsword in the arena.



Father: Glyn of the Brigantes

Mother: Brenna of the Durotriges

Siblings: None

Spouse: None

Children: None

Extended family: None

Other: None



Once, Owyn was a shining star.

Raised to sit beside the kings and lords of the Brigantes, Owyn was to be a warleader and champion for his tribe. From the age of 4, Owyn was brought up in the sparring yard, around horses, next to warhounds. From the age of 6, he was gifted javelins, a sword, and a shield, and cursed by the Druids to be a war-fighter and a blooded man. Before his 12th birthday, Owyn had already began to stand out as the shining star of a new generation.

Then Eppitacos led his invasion against Rome.

Owyn grew into a killer. He worshipped Eppitacos, and found his adulthood fighting against the enemies of his people. He followed Ysolda, as a good sword and horseman, but then cursed her name when she betrayed her folk. He was renowned for his cold mirth in battle, his cheering joy in victory, and his subdued resolve in defeat. Soon, he had formed his own band of warriors, following him against the Romans. They were feared raiders, but Owyn was always a fighter, not a strategist. For one thing, he became entranced by one of his fighters, Annis. Her quiet strength lent him great resolve in dark times.

Then the fucking idiot went and raided an outpost, and got everyone killed. The Legionaries overwhelmed them, capturing Owyn and Annis, and slaughtering many of their comrades. Owyn became the property of Lucius Cassius Longinus, and had a brief but passionate reunion with Annis - before he was sold to Senator Aulus Calpurnius Praetextus. In his time as a sword-slave to the great man, he has become bitter, angry, and broken. His Roman name is 'Marius', and he just about responds to it.

But truth is, he's a fighter. Sponsored as a gladiator, Owyn can't help but fight - and win. Six years, he's been pulled in and out of the arena. In 73 CE, he spent 4 months recovering from a horrendous beating. Afterwards, he took on his foe in a rematch, and promptly beat the man with his bare hands, just to prove a point.

He no longer dreams of freedom. He has given up, and is simply a ghost living a life half-lived. He wakes up, he eats, he trains or fights, he sleeps. He has no wish to carry on for much longer.



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