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Updated! (7/3/22)



  • Background: Adopted son (biological nephew) of Decimus Silanus, who was most well-known for defeating a pirate threat, and launching the second wave of invasions in Britannia against Eppitacos (where he was ultimately killed in battle). Lucius grew up accustomed to death and chaos, and has not had an easy life since Decimus' death.
  • Personal Plot Developments: After returning from several campaigns in Britannia, Lucius spent the majority of his inherited wealth to rebuild the family estate (that had been destroyed in the riots years earlier). Not much longer, he was embroiled in a legal battle against his paternal cousin over the rightful claim to the land where the estate was built. He ultimately lost the battle, his home, and his wealth. In a fit of rage he set fire to the home and was arrested for arson. With the help of his former commander Longinus, Lucius was able to escape punishment for arson, and found his way back into military service. He was sent to Syria to command an auxiliary regiment of Britons because of his ability to speak their native dialects.
  • Current Situation: Lucius has been in Syria for the better part of the past year, mostly serving as border patrol. Though he went east with the goal of restoring his family's name, he has since become disillusioned and is no longer sure he even wants to return to Rome. Lucius is at a crossroads where he could become an absolute degenerate, or rise to the top - it all depends on the people around him.
  • Looking For: I'm open to pretty much anything atm. Random ideas: An eastern woman (possibly with ties to the new Seleucids) who seduces him and only flames his disillusionment. A strong Roman woman who whips him into shape. A slum rat sort of friend who pushes him into a life of debauchery. The possibilities are endless!



  • Background: Former 'king' of the Britons, and warleader of the Brigantes, Eppitacos was the courageous (and almost successful) leader of the Britons against the second Roman invasion led by Decimus Silanus. He was eventually betrayed by his betrothed, Ysulda of the Brigantes, and sent to Rome a slave. Instead of being executed, he was spared by Quintus Caesar who made him into an entertainer in the colosseum.
  • Personal Plot Developments: Eppitacos spent over a decade fighting in the area and became so beloved for his fighting style and theatrics that he gained a great deal of popularity and fanfare within the city. That all came to an end when the lanista in charge of him - Albinus - married none other than Ysulda - Epp's back-stabbing betrothed. Long story short, Epp was set to receive his freedom, but Ysulda orchestrated an attack on Epp that required his sword arm be amputated, and almost took his life. After the attack, instead of being freed, Epp was sold by Caesar to a Vestal named Calpurnia. Eventually freed, Epp found himself apprenticed to a blacksmith (and former fan) who fashioned a prosthetic arm of sorts for him. With a knack for smithing and his employer Burrus' health failing, Epp took a larger role in the business... which eventually led him to get connected with Burrus' family in Hispania.
  • Current Situation: Epp has recently returned from Hispania where he helped Burrus' son Flavus with a hostile takeover of a rival business. He is now back in Rome, back at the forge... but having fought again he has reawakened the bloodlust within himself. He struggles daily with a desire to leave Rome and find adventure wherever he can... though deep within him there is an itch to return to Britannia.
  • Looking For: I'd really like to get him connected with other Britons (or slaves in general). Possibly could be connected with gang characters as well- that would be an easy connection to make with Flavus.

Let me know if anything sounds interesting!

Also, just to put it out there: I'm interested in creating a couple of entirely new characters to serve as my mains. So if anyone has some wanteds, please let me know!

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