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End of the school year//other fun things


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Hi, all. I have been a little more active the past couple of days, but that is going to change in the next couple of weeks, so I wanted to post this absence to let y'all know. 

I am graduating from college! It's a scary time but exciting as I try to figure out what I'm doing with my life/where I'm going next. The school year is also wrapping up and I am finishing my senior thesis which is a culmination of two years of work, so my focus will largely be on that for some time. 

I also just found out that my beautiful tabby Hattie is very sick and we will probably have to put her down this week. I am trying to deal with those emotions so it's killing my muse. 

I hope you all understand. I plan to be back after graduation stuff has calmed down and continue rping with y'all this summer :) 

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