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Mania Victoria

Mania Victoria

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Mania Victoria

19 | 12th of March 57 | Equite | None | Heterosexual | Original | Sasha Luss





Mania Victoria is, as her name might suggest, not the most pleasant person to be around - at least not in private. When in public, Mania hides behind a prim and proper facade, always on her best behaviour so as to not bring shame upon her family, although she can come across as snooty and entitled when interacting with others aswell (and she most definitely is). Behind closed doors, though, Mania can quickly turn the atmosphere of any room sour. Thoroughly jealous of her older brother and anyone more successful or influential than her, Mania will not think twice about speaking ill of the people she doesn't like; of course, only as long as she knows (or at the very least thinks) the person she's speaking about will never find out. Due to her patrician upbringing, Mania has also developed a taste for all things luxurious and excessive and has become somewhat of a hedonist. She can also be very manipulative, especially towards her younger brother, whom she uses as a pawn in her feud with her older brother. She is also very self-assured, ambitious and charismatic, and posesses a certain degree of hot-headedness, which only ever becomes apparent towards her older brother. Compassion, care and sympathy for those she can't benefit from are essentially nonexistent - Mania is an egoist through and through. She is also quite vain.



Mania is of a fair complexion, has blue eyes and long blond hair which reaches down most of her back. Her naturally blond hair is also her main source of pride and vanity. She uses perfume on a daily basis and also applies a slight bit of rouge on her cheeks and whitens her teeth on occasion. Due to jewellery being the family business, Mania always has access to said jewellery and isn't afraid to show it; bracelets and necklaces are a must for her. She is also an avid follower of clothing trends. In terms of build, Mania is quite small and thin. Her demeanor is usually very dignified and graceful.



Father: Gaius Manius Victorius (alive)

Mother: Lucretia Proserpina (alive)


  • Primus Manius Victorius (older brother, 23 years old)
  • Cassius Manius Victorius (younger brother, 16 years old)

Others: Slaves of the family


Mania Victoria was born as the middle child of a Patrician family which had, through generations, made its' fortune through the production & sale of jewellery. Mania's paternal ancestors were originally from the city of Celeia in the Kingdom of Noricum and had migrated from there to Rome a few generations ago. The paternal line has always been very proud of their Noric origins and thus, the Noric language was taught within the family. Mania and her brothers were thus taught to speak it next to Latin.

Growing up, Mania and her brothers lived in abundance and got along quite well. Primus was very protective of his younger sister, and later, when Cassius was born, both Primus and Mania doted on him. However, as the children grew older, they also grew apart. This rift, which would later cause considerable discord between the older two siblings in which the third was often used as a pawn, began forming as the children reached the onset of puberty. Mania was most affected by this out of all three of the children. Primus was whisked away to learn the family trade as the firstborn, which left Cassius as Mania's only companion. While Mania was somewhat upset, as she was slightly closer with Primus than with Cassius, it took her herself being segregated from Cassius, as tradition demanded, for Mania to begin to feel truly uncomfortable. The separation from her siblings made her rebellious at first, and later, when she realised she was being raised to someday become a good wife and mother while her brothers would go on to lead the family business, outright reject the traditions imposed on her, at least internally. Externally, Mania dutifully followed the advice and training of her mother and learned to behave properly and piously in public. She thought that, if only she concentrated on her duties and on what was expected of her hard enough, she would soon forget her discomfort and the perceived injustice. This led to Mania becoming a quasi exemplary young lady, prim and proper at every step. Offers of bethrothal and marriage have been a regular occurrence ever since, however none have been satisfactory for her parents thus far and a match has not yet been made. Preferably, Mania is to someday marry a rich politician.

However, Mania's critical feelings over how things were being run within the family, and especially within the family business, led to her becoming increasingly abrasive towards her older brother Primus, at least when the siblings were alone. When their parents were present, aswell as in public, however, Mania was all prim and proper again. This led to Mania becoming a rather calculating and egotistical individual.

As the strife between the older two siblings continued to grow (which was only possible due to Mania's two-faced nature and the fact Primus would never tell their father - not because he wouldn't want to get her in trouble, but because he enjoyed seeing her try to step on his nerves), the two decided to make use of their younger brother, Cassius, in their little war. Cassius had always been highly susceptible to the influence of both his siblings and was somewhat weak-minded and undetermined in general. They used him to play pranks on eachother, put the blame for their own wrongdoings on him and so on. Cassius, who had become much too fearful of his siblings to stand up to them due to these actions, has been at their mercy ever since, becoming only less and less determined and courageous. This has made him into the black sheep of the family, so to speak, as Primus and Mania are both very determined and ambitious.

To forget her own fears of inadequacy and the pain she felt due to the estrangement from her own brothers, Mania began partaking in Rome's social scene, attending many public events such as the ludi, sporting events, theatrical performances and other such activities, where she met many friends. As a socialite, Mania also developed a taste for excess and gossip and is now always on the lookout for the newest, most riveting scoop (which she, of course, also promptly shares among all her friends). Mania also began frequently travelling around the Empire and developed a habit of travelling to Noricum on occasion during the summer months, when Rome's Mediterranean climate becomes unbearably hot for her.

Nowadays, Mania is still not on very good terms with either one of her brothers while remaining critical of her own position within the family and what is expected of her. Mania, just like the rest of the family, principally worships Mercury, due to one of his domains being commerce and trade.

The family lives in a domus on Esquiline Hill and owns a store on the Emporium Magnum, where the family business is headquartered.

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