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Help for Teutus


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Teutus, the freedman and eldest son (though not officially because of major legal reasons which are migraine inducing for all concerned!) of Tertius Quinctilius Varus, who presides over what must be the most dysfunctional domus in Rome. Teutus has recently moved out to rooms in an insula which only induce headaches due to noise levels, rather than complex webs spun by the paterfamilias, and is in the early stages of setting up an import business to be a nice little earner for him so that he doesn't need to rely on his father's generosity any longer than absolutely necessary.

To this end, and as a consequence of going up in the world, he is on the look-out for a slave to help him, by hopefully fulfilling the double role of secretary/accountant and body slave. He would prefer a younger, more active, sort of slave, simply due to the job requirements and having to climb stairs to Teutus' rooms.

Playby, age, parentage, background and history are all up to you!

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OK, this is an update after the events of this thread.

Teutus' household now consists of Olipor, an older man somewhere in his fifties or early sixties, an ex-tutor, purchased to act as clerk - suggested PBs are Nicholas Woodeson (from Rome) or Karl Johnson (the pic shown is from Atlantis). The history and personality is up to you!



The younger man is Jennus, a runner/messenger who might also be pressed into occasional service as body-slave. Suggested PBs are, from L-R: Santiago Cabrera (Empire, AKA Rome: Blood and Sand), Hans Matheson (Imperium: Nero), Elliot Knight (Sinbad), Nicholas Hoult (Clash of the Titans). Again, background and personality are totally up to you!



There is also a young boy of about ten, Amandus, who will probably be mostly employed in the home, but may also help out with errands and the like. The household itself will be overseen by Teutus' mother Varinia.

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Teutus' agentis in rebus (suggested PB is Andrew Scarborough from Rome), this is Teutus' deputy in buying/selling on behalf of the business. He could be a slave (it wasn't uncommon to have a slave in such a trusted position!) but could equally be a freedman or even a pleb hired for the specific purpose of helping Teutus expand his business to buy and sell further afield. His name, personality and background are open to you!

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