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22 | 52 AD | Patrician | Heterosexual | Canon | Jennifer Ehle


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Demure and polite when she needs to be, but is aching to show her real personality after years of being part of the furniture. When unfiltered she can be gregarious, witty and generally likeable. When she's in this mode, though, she's not one to hold back her thoughts - she's had to do that far too long, and feels she has the right to say what she feels - and this can lead to her accidentally hurting those she loves. Her trust is hard to earn as a result of her childhood, and she can occasionally be overly judgemental about others, but she cherishes those of whom she approves and has a lot of caring in her heart to give to the right person, if one should ever come along.

She enjoys reading and writing, but also the more traditional female pursuits, such as weaving.

Sergia is a dreamer, and is frequently driven to depression when her life does not match up with her ideal. Although she scoffs at the idea, she's a romantic at heart.



 5' 2'', brown hair and blue-brown eyes.



FatherMarcus Lucilius Auletius (deceased)

Mother Quinctilia Varia (alive, b. 34 AD)

SiblingsBrother: Marcus Sergius Auletius (born 55 AD)

Spouse: Lucius Cassius Longinus

Children: None

Extended familyUncle: Tertius Quinctilius Varus (b. 30 AD)
Cousin: Antonia Varia (b. 64 AD, daughter to Tertius)
Cousin: Teutus (b. 50 AD, Tertius' illegitimate son with a slave)
Uncle: Secundus Quinctilius Varus (b. 28 AD)




Sergia doesn't remember much about Pater, other than that he'd been there until she was about six years old, and then... well, he wasn't there anymore, and now there was only Uncle Tertius. He wasn't mean to her, exactly, but he never sat her on his knee like Pater used to or said 'well done' when she did her reading. And whenever she was cheeky, Mater warned her not to be. But Uncle Tertius wasn't a bad person, per se, not like Uncle Secundus. Uncle Tertius wouldn't hit her so long as she was respectful of him; this new man, however, would gladly aim his fists at anyone when in a particular mood. Well, that was just what men were like - tolerable only if ignored and unprovoked. It was easiest just to sit with Mater and weave, or read a book. She liked reading about Penelope, who would unpick her weaving to stave off the suitors, and so she herself would sit with a scroll in front of her face, so that the young men couldn't see her.

The problem with this approach, however, was that the alternative to marriage was remaining in the care of her uncles. Secundus had got even worse recently, ever since he married that insincere, sneering girl Livia. And it wasn't as if she hated men; all her girl friends were now happily married, and she envied them. Sergia was not a shallow sort interested only in superficialities, but she would often receive pieces of papyrus by messenger long enough to have several books of the Iliad pasted together on the reverse side, letters from her friends full of overblown phrases and tantalising details.

Now, at 22, she finally sees a glimmer of hope. Whether Longinus is really that interested in her, she can't tell - she hasn't learnt how to read the signs, really - but he seems different from all the stuffy senators and violent egomaniacs she'd been surrounded by up till now. There is something about his manner, his clumsy but unapologetic flirting and his wide smile, that really makes Sergia want to believe that romance is a thing. But her fatalistic streak keeps reminding her that men are never that simple, and besides, Uncle Secundus would have to agree to the match.

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