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Titus Balventius Marcianus

Titus Balventius Marcianus

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26 | 16th May 50AD | Freedman | Vigiles Urbani | Heterosexual | Original | Joe Alwyn





Marcianus struggles with conflict most days of his life. On one hand he wants to do the best job he can for the people of Rome now he has the chance to do so but on the other he knows the vigiles are ineffective, complacent and at worst - complicit in the crime that spreads throughout the city. 

He thinks emotionally rather than analytically, and whilst he has a keen eye for his work, nobody would call Marcianus an intellectual. He is headstrong and is frequently disciplined for stepping over the mark, or doing something without the permission of his senior officers because he follows his gut, including placing himself first into the fire or brawl and last back out. Naturally a leader but displaced because of his position as a foreigner and a freedman and a young one at that, and therefore not eligible to take a leadership position within the vigiles, he struggles with authority but gains the trust of his peers (if not the officers) easily. His ambition is to enter the Cohortes urbanae to actually create impactful change, but given he needs to complete his six years of service to receive citizenship, he has a while to wait.

He has been wounded by his past and what he endured in his time as a slave and this colours his view of the aristocracy in the city. Because of all of this he can - to some - seem serious, and uncomfortable with intimacy beyond a few very close friends. He trusts precious few and those he does trust have to earn it; only then will they see a slightly lighter side to his personality. He has a dry sense of humour and will crack a wry smile when warranted but would prefer to keep his head down and do his job.



Marcianus is blonde like many of his people from his corner of the empire and keeps it slightly longer than the close crop of many citizens. He has pale blue eyes and pale skin like his family, and keeps clean shaven for the most part. He is tall and athletically built from his work both as a slave and now in the vigiles, and prefers to take his exercise on the job or via spars with friends rather than showing off at the palestra. Given the nature of his work and his desire to get into the thick of it, he can often be seen sporting a black eye, cut lip or assortment of other minor wounds. He has scars from the more serious, including one that curls beneath his collarbone from the knife of a pickpocket. From his time as a slave he picked up more to add to his collection including a series of whip marks that have now faded to a silvery white across his back. 



Father: Brennos 

Mother: Coria 

Siblings: Toccus (brother - born 47AD), Titus Balventius Caius (brother - born 57AD)

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A

Extended family: N/A

Other: Titus Balventius Venustus and Antonia Siricius (former owners).



50AD (0 years old) - Marcianus is born and named Acco, to a family of meagre means in Gallia. His parents earned their way through life with a series of odd-jobs including his mother lending services to billeted Roman soldiers in nearby settlements and encampments. The second of his parents' children, Acco is immediately considered a spare part.

57AD (7 years old) - Marcianus’ younger brother Carantus is born and much like him, treated as an extra mouth to feed. 

64AD (14 years old) - As was the way with many people in his parents position, time and harsh winters were not on their side. Desperate for money and with failing businesses they did what many would think was inconceivable; they sold their sons. Two of them, at least, keeping Toccus back for support and earning potential. Acco (now Marcus) and his brother were fortunate though, in a manner of speaking. They were sold as a pair to their first owner - a farmer on the border in Raetia. Even when the farm folded and he was sold again - Fortuna smiled on him and his brother as half the work force were sold to the farm of Titus Balventius Venustus, a cousin of his former owner, over the border in Italia. 

65AD - 75AD (15 - 25 years old) - Life passes by with little note for Marcus. He works the fields and watches his brother grow. His Latin becomes fluent and the accent of his youth slowly disappears (although after a drink or three it comes out again in force). He longed for adventure though and found living under the authority of another more challenging as he grew. He took to excursions; hunting in the summer to provide more sustenance for his brother, visiting a girl a few miles over, even embroiling himself in notions of a coup...earning him whippings for the former, and mercifully nothing on the latter as his owner died before any of his plans came to fruition. 

75AD (25 years old) - His owner dead Marcus fully expected himself and his brother to be sold on again but Fortuna had one more surprise for him. Written into his owners will was a condition wherein any slave who had served the family for longer than a decade was manumitted. Marcus and his brother had been there for 10 years, 3 weeks and 1 day. They were freed and with a bag of gold and a cold shoulder from his childless mistress (who - despite tradition - wanted nothing to do with twenty freed slaves in her familia) Marcus - now styled Marcianus - headed for the only place he could think to find adventure; Rome.

76AD (26 years old) - He was sure some his kin would scoff at the notion of a man previously enslaved joining the vigiles after all he had suffered, but for Marcianus it was perfect. He needed a steady paycheck for his brother, and he wanted excitement and the opportunity to do better, to lead. The vigiles opened a door for him and he threw himself into it. He’s been with them now for a little over six months and has big plans for the future. 



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