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Tiberius Claudius Sabucius

Tiberius Claudius Sabucius

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Tiberius Claudius Sabucius

20 | 28 November 56 CE | Male | Caesare | Royal Spawn | Heterosexual | Canon | Dylan O'Brien





Quiet and reserved, Tiberius thinks before he acts and plays his cards close to his chest. Family are very dear to him, and in his view too many of them have died for the Imperial throne. He doesn’t want it for himself, and is more interested in good governance than rulership. He is wary of politics whilst knowing that these are the waters in which he must swim, and that others will either seek favour with him or hate him purely because of his bloodline.

Rather than stay sheltered in the Imperial palace, Tiberius has a yearning for adventure, a desire to see the far reaches of the empire, to really understand what it encompasses. Lacking the assumption of superiority common to one of his birth, Tiberius instead possesses a diligence and a desire for knowledge, which in turn give him greater understanding and hopefully lead to better decision-making. He listens to people and takes in what they say, though not without a grain of salt. The deaths of so many of his family have made him wise, and wary, beyond his years. He has learned that even Caesares are mortal, and does not think that anyone is deserves to be lauded purely because of their ancestry. It is important to him to earn his accolades himself.

Less inclined to the easy smile that is his sister’s armour, Tiberius is possessed of a quiet, reserved confidence, and a subtle, thoughtful practicality that comes across as a certain steadiness. He is nothing if not reliable, yet beyond that business-like front is occasionally revealed a certain intensity and conviction. He does not wish to loose any more of his family, and he does not want to be Caesar. Yet, he cannot leave a duty to someone he does not trust.

He is particularly close to his twin sister Claudia, and his cousin Titus, as well as several of his uncles.



Of slightly more than average height and slim build, Tiberius is naturally very similar to his twin sister in appearance. Thick, dark hair frames features only now growing into strength. Blue eyes contrast with pale skin, lightly tanned. He build is finally filling out into that of a man, though he will never be hurculean.

Unpretentious, Tiberius prefers garments that are simple and practical rather than ostentatious, but well made as befits one of his line. He chooses fine cloths and good tailoring rather than excessive adornment, and regularly prefers a simple tunica.



FATHER: Drusus Claudius Sabucius (Caesar) (deceased)
MOTHER: Flavia Lucilla Augusta (deceased)

Full siblings
Claudia Caesaris (twin)

Paternal half-siblings:
Gaius Claudius Caesar (deceased)
Claudia Livia (deceased)

Maternal half-siblings:
Darius Claudius Sabucius (deceased)
Junus Claudius Sabucius (deceased)
Rufia Flavia


Step Father: Marcus Rufus Honorius (Caesar) (deceased)


Rufia Flavia's Children
Sestia Lucilla, {alive} {b. 69}
Gnaeus Sestius Vacticanus Minor, {alive} {b. 71}



Cneaus Flavius Alexander Germanicus (deceased) & Cornelia Annthea

Uncles & Aunts

- Quintus Flavius Caesar Alexander Augustus
- Rufus Flavius Alexander (deceased)
- Jullus Flavius Alexander (alive; b. 24)
- Decimus Flavius Alexander (deceased)
- Octavius Flavius Alexander (alive; b. 33)
- "Laelius", adopted as Marcus Aemilius Scaurus Alexander (alive; b. 39)


From Quintus.
- Publius Flavius Alexander Belanus, deceased (37-62; adopted illeg. son)
- Cnaeus Flavius Alexander Gemellus, deceased (57-62)
- Titus Flavius Caesar Alexander (b. 57)
- Flavia Caesaris (Rutiliana) (b. 61)
- Drusus Flavius Caesar Alexander (b.67)

From Jullus.
- Flavia Juliana (daughter of Laelia Serginilla)
- Flavia Alexandra (deceased; daughter of Laelia Serginilla)
- Flavia Alexandra (deceased; daughter of Laelia Serginilla)
- Lucius Flavius Alexander (b. 60 AD, by Caecilia Metella)
- Publius Flavius Alexander (b. 64 AD, by Caecilia Metella)
- Cnaeus Flavius Alexander (b. 66 AD, by Caecilia Metella)

From Octavius.
- Octavius Flavius Alexander Minor
- Flavia Valeriana

From Laelius
= Aemilia Scaura (B. 67 AD, by Furia Camilla Minoris)
Aemilia Laeliana (B. 70 AD, by Pinaria Lucretia)
Publius Aemilius Scaurus (B. 72 AD, by Pinaria Lucretia)

Other members of the Flavii-Alexandrones.
The Corneli-Scipiones.
Caecina Tuscas

Junia Silana (Widow of Junus)




CHILDHOOD [56-66]:

Born of an aging Casear and his younger second wife, Tiberius was one half of a whole, together with his twin sister Claudia. She was the constant in his life, whilst nursemaids came and went and their mother’s warm affection was interspersed with periods of absence. He could never know the politics in which his mother was embroiled, trying to keep the wolves from their door.

Youngest of the Imperial brood, Tiberius couldn’t understand what it meant when his eldest half-brother Darius stepped up to the throne to replace their ailing father. It was not until he was older that he would understand that the dangers of that tumultuous time were only beginning to make themselves apparent. Darius’s reign was short, and his his assassination in AD 60 led to the rise of his younger half-brother Junus and step-father Honorius as co-caesars, until Junus came of age.

Alas he never got the chance. Civil war erupted and Tiberius’s comfortable and closetted childhood was torn apart as he was separated from his sister, spirited from the palace by the Palatine guards and Gneaus Juventius Geta, a friend of his step-father, who kept him carefully hidden. It was only some time after that fearful night that Tiberius learned that Junus was also dead, and his older sister Livia had been taken east. He cried for his missing sisters and his doting older brothers, his mother and his lost life, but it changed nothing.

It was not until the civil war ended in 63 that he was returned to the palace by Geta and presented to his uncle Quintus, one of the other survivors of the Imperial purge, who formally adopted him. He was also reunitied with his sister Claudia, a cause for much joy in his young life, but learned that Livia had died of a fever before she ever found safety. The companionship of his cousins helped ease the loss of his mother and siblings, though they could never replace them.

Growing up in the palace he and Claudia formed part of the gang of young Imperials, watched over dotingly by their aunts and uncles. They had both changed in their time apart, but the rambling palace grounds provided many places where the twins could spend time together. Their life had suffered upheaval, but it seemed there was peace once more.


Tiberius grew into a serious and thoughtful teen, an apt student if somewhat less rambunctious than his peers. He tended to watch, and to learn, from those around him, particularly his seniors and betters. He became a solid friend to his cousins and remained very close to his twin sister, the events of the purge having solidified in his young mind the importance of family.

In 67 AD his uncle Quintus, Caesar to the rest of the Empire, remarried. Allaying their concerns, Julia Drusilla took the royal brood under her kind and generous wings, becoming in some ways the mother that Tiberius had barely known, though lovingly remembered. That memory had been kept alive by those who had been close to her, including her best friend Antonia. Later that year Drusilla gives Caesar an infant son. His uncle Octavius takes a greater interest in Tiberius’s upbringing and the two grow closer as the young man looks for role models.

ADULTHOOD [73 onwards]:

Now set on the path onto which he was born, Tiberius is learning, and practicing, what it takes to be an Imperial in the Roman Empire. Raised by Quintus as his adopted son alongside Titus, Tiberius has always been serious and studious, and there were many who might have expected Quintus would groom him as his heir. Yet to Tiberius it was no small relief when Quintus made it plain that he favoured his own son, particularly during their tour of the empire. Whilst he wanted to do what was right for the benefit and glory of the Empire, Tiberius had no particular desire to rule; his uncle Octavius led the lifestyle he aspired to. Rather when Quintus mysteriously fell ill officially presented Titus as his heir and new Caesar, Tiberius did not hesitate to swear fealty to his adoptive brother, considering the more charismatic young man a better choice for the ruling face, and determined to support his rule for stability and prosperity.  He vowed that Titus would find no one more loyal.


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