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* A day at the races - Tiberius, Spurius

A little discomfort in a good cause - Spurius and Teutus

* Broken Open - Spurius and Manius

* Return to Sender - Aeneas and Thessala


* Leave the door open - Alexius and Varinia

From one generation to the next - Tiberius and Aulus

My other half? - Tiberius and Cynane

* Something a little different - Spurius and Cynane

* I just called to say... - Varinia, Tertius, Charis


* Boys at the Baths - Tiberius and Marcus

First do no Harm - Tiberius and Theodorus

Daydreamers - Tiberius and Sosia - Complete.

* Distraction - Tiberius and Titus

* One magic autumn eve - Party for the posh kids

* After the Attack - Spurius and Pinaria Gaia

* Taken for granted - Tiberius and Jason

* To Quintus - Letters to Quintus Caesar

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