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He should speak to her father? Did she mean... His brain caught up with her words a moment later; she meant, about his political career not about marrying her (although she hadn't completely rejected the idea of marrying him, which was encouraging).

"I should be very glad to get to know your father better," he said. "And did I? I'm sorry; I don't have much experience with this sort of thing." There; he had said it, for better or worse. Though how the confession could make her think much worse of him, he didn't know. "I don't suppose I also asked what sort of husband you'd like to have?"

After all, why he be the only one to have an idea of the marital partner he'd like - a marriage had two people in it, who both had thoughts and ideas.



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She arched a brow, tilting her head and studying him intently just for a moment. He was charming, good looking and evidently wealthy if he was a sitting senator. Curious. "You haven't been subjected to a parade of beautiful young women, all vying for your hand?" She chuckled, flashing a winning smile and shook her head, "I always thought that it was the women that ended up being shepherded around or hounded  by men...as it turns out, however, Rome has a dire lack of eligible bachelors. I'm surprised I'm your first experience of the marriage market." Which did not bode well for her chances. There were more beautiful, smarter, more vivacious women undoubtedly out there who would jump at the chance to take her place. 

"You haven't." She said with an amused huff, but she shook her head. "And I have low standards; a husband that doesn't beat his wife?" A wry smile toyed on her lips, "And one who asks how her day was? And takes an interest in her affairs?" Of the several of the men she'd met as of late, Gaius seemed to be the only one who could tick all three boxes. "Oh..." She chuckled as they moved to the inner sanctum, "And not somebody terribly old. How do you think you fare against my criteria, Senator Roscius?" 


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