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Orpheus (Gladiator)


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25 | 8 March 71 | Slave | Gladiator | Pansexual | Original | Orlando Bloom





Orpheous was once a Pleasure slave and acts like it. He enjoys life, he enjoys lovers, he enjoys wine, and women, song and acclaim. Tiberius figures that he’s going to die in the arena sooner or later, so why not enjoy life while he can.



Orpheus was once a Pleasure Slave, and looks like it. Pretty boy through and through.  He has an olive tan complexion mostly due to a warmer climate. A youthful face and a hair of brown locks. He has an athletic body with smooth abs.





Orpheus doesn’t remember his family, or where he came from, slave records say Greek, mostly because he can pass for any race from the eastern Mediterranean. He was taught Greek and taught how to speak Latin with a Greek accent. He had a pretty face and a pretty voice so was called Orpheus An actor, performer. Orpheus was almost made a Eunuch to keep his voice pure, but someone decided he might fetch more as a pleasure slave. Which is what he was for most of his life, up until he pleasured the wrong person.

Orpheus managed to last along enough to give his opponent a bloody jaw, this caused his opponent to toy with him, wounding him several times. Before the killing blow, Gaius recited a classical poem of Orpheus and his lost love returned from the Underworld. Gaius raised his arm and was spared by the crowd.

The crowd loved the idea of Orpheus the man sentenced to death who came back from the Underworld. He was bought and given training. At first he was only put in mock fights, as he had a knack for performing. Life as a gladiator wasn’t all that different from life as an actor and pleasure slave. The only real difference was the status. Orpheus is determined to live life well while he can, never thinking further ahead then the next conquest. Whether it’s a match or patron.



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