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To Quintus Flavius Caesar Alexander Augustus


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September 76

Ave Caesar,

I am writing to you, father, in the hope that the country airs and peace of your estates have improved your constitution. You are greatly missed here in Rome, and still much beloved by your people. But those who supported you have rallied around Titus, to continue the peace and prosperity for which you worked so hard. As have I. My loyalty to my brother is never to be doubted.

Chronos continues his turning of the wheel of time and I have given thought to the future. Consul Calpurnius Praetextatus has offered to take me on under his offices when I become a military tribune, and I have gratefully accepted. It will be an honour to serve under the Consul, and I can learn from him a different perspective than from my uncles.

I have also considered the future prospect of my own household. Whilst being close by my brother, sister and cousins in the Palace has been a valuable and pleasant childhood, I would like to begin to establish my own household as my uncles have, if not now then in the near future. Titus will need space for his own household, and I do not think that I should stay in the palace forever. I know that you will have safeguarded that which comes to me from my birth parents; I would value your thoughts on how to best serve in this matter.

On similar lines, I have had thoughts on marriage, being the last male of the Julio-Claudian line. I am too young yet, but these things take time. I know that you must have thoughts on the subject, for both myself and Titus, and I would be most pleased to learn them.

Gaius Horatius Justinius has returned to Rome with his family; I encountered his daughter at the temples. Marcus Junius Silanus is seeking to raise himself up again after his brother Lucius torched the family property; I believe that he will be a valuable ally if I can facilitate that. Since he is my brother in law, his sister an Augusta, I feel that his fate reflects on us. Claudia Corinthia remains unwed (as does her mother), there is the potential there to secure links with political allies, as there is with my sister. Both are well into marriagable age.

There is some scandal as a young Patrician, Lucius Vipsanius Roscius, has sought adoption into an Equite house, to pursue his desire to become a vigile. Whilst many do not see past his discarding of societal status, I believe that he has a keen - if short sighted - insight and appreciation of the plebian condition which itself could be useful. Rome is never just the Patricians.

It would please me no end to hear from you father, and even more to hear that you are recovering. You and Titus have my heart, my head and my loyalty; always.

Your son,

Tiberius Claudius Sabucius.



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