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To Gaius Vipsanius Roscius

Ovinia Camilla

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A letter is delivered by a harried looking slave on December the 11th, 76AD. The note is written in neat script but has evidently come from somebody unused to writing, as mistakes litter the sheet, neatly crossed out. 

To Gaius Vipsanius Roscius, from Ovinia Camilla with apologies for the delay in this note. 

The last time we spoke I promised to send word, and that was some weeks ago. My father found out about your brothers situation not long after our winter walk in the gardens, and as we both - undoubtedly - predicted, he was not best pleased. I understand he is writing his own letter to yourself to formally end any sort of notion of a pre-contract or anything more, but I thought I would send word before it arrives.

It is not fair for you to think this lays at your brothers feet. My father was disappointed, but in our conversation made clear that it would not be an impediment (if your price was right). My own feelings, however, leave me no choice but to say no. I asked for time, but time hasn't made things any clearer for me. You are the best of men, I have no doubt that you will be a wonderful husband and a father to a woman who deserves your affection. I do not think I am that woman. Perhaps in years to come I will kick myself for saying no, but I am nonetheless. 

I read once in one of my mothers love scrolls that it is trite to say 'it isn't you, it's me', but I can honestly say that is the case. 

I wish you good health, happiness and fortune Gais Vipsanius Roscius, and trust that we can remain - if not friends - then acquaintances that can share a smile when we inevitably see one another at a party or a dinner. 

You said I was not a disappointment, and I hope I am not one now. 

Until we see one another again. Farewell. 


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