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Tracker for the ABL - Anti-Barbatius League

Officially, Marcus Barbatius is a barber in Rome, but with a (secret) history of inflicting pain in and murdering others.
He murdered his own brother, his mother and his mother's husband before he came to Rome.

He's been doing it in Rome for years too, but it wasn't until 75 AD that someone began looking further into the matter.


May, 75 AD

Killer Queen - M, S/V - In which Marcus Barbatius visits the Elysium and meets the prostitute Deinira, giving her a painful experience she won't forget


July, 75 AD

Just Close your Eyes, the Sun is Going Down - M, V - Barbatius encounters Deianira again and has his kind of fun


August, 75 AD

One Night in Rome - M, V - Didia Nonia meets Marcus Barbatius one night in Rome and he ends up attacking her

Followed by

A Little Help - Didia seeks medical help and talks with Quintus Flavius Theodorus 
Tricky Timing - Didia also goes to Lucius Antonius Alexius for help and advice


September, 75 AD

Spoke Just Like a Baroness - after the incident with Didia, Alexius seeks out Deianira, who also encountered Barbatius


October, 75 AD

Sunset - M, V - Marcus Barbatius meets Lucia Safinia and ends up killing her. Azarion finds her

Followed by

There are no words - in which Azarion tells his master, Marcus Eppius Parthenicus, about Safinia's murder


December, 75 AD

A Game of Chance - Lucius Sempronius Atratinus plays games with Barbatius.
When they part ways, Barbatius follows and attacks him, but leaves when Atratinus calls for the vigiles.


July, 76 AD

For Crying Out Loud - Ovinia briefly encounters Barbatius, but screams for help and Alexius comes to her aid


August, 76 AD

Clueless - after meeting Ovinia, Alexius again wants the find the unknown attacker and goes to the scene where Safinia was murdered.
Here he meets Azarion and also meets Marcus Eppius Parthenicus to hear more about her murder


October, 76 AD

In the Darkness - M, V - Barbatius has returned to the crime scene of Safinia. Azarion surprises him there and is attacked and wounded.
When Azarion returns home, he tells his master Marcus about the attack. His cousin Jason is sent for, so he can translate what Azarion tells him.


September, 76 AD

After the Attack - Pinaria Gaia is attacked by Barbatius, who runs off when Spurius Antius Claudus appears and helps her


December, 76 AD

Like Two Raptors - M, V - 19th. Barbatius has gone out 'hunting' for Saturnalia and during an attack, he's interrupted by Amatia Attelia.

Another Time then - M, V - 20th. Ovinia encounters Barbatius again and he drags her from the busy street to properly maim her. He cuts her twice

Followed by

Unbelievable - 21st. Lucius Vipsanius Roscius finds out about the attack on Ovinia.
She mentions Jason and Alexius to him.

The hunt begins - 22nd. Lucius seeks out Alexius to hunt down the attacker.
Together they venture to the palace to speak to Jason.
Assemble - In the evening of the 22nd, six people gather in Alexius' insula to discuss the next move towards the attacker.
Features Alexius, Lucius, Jason, Azarion, Didia and Theo

Winter Walk - Ovinia and Lucius take a walk and talk about what the ABL team found out... and what else happened at Saturnalia.

Teamwork is magic - After the walk with Ovinia, Lucius goes to talk to Alexius.
Together, they venture out to meet Pinaria Gaia, to hear if she has any useful clues on the attacker.


January, 77 AD

A hair's breadth - Artemon visits Barbatius' shop to have his hair cut. It ends up being more than what he asked for.

Visitation Rights - Alexius feels bad about not having seen Ovinia since she was attacked, so he pays her a visit.

Sometime in late January, Barbatius visits the Elysium and cuts Ione. The events are mentioned in this thread: Fresh Starts .


February 77 AD

Falling Apart - M, V - Barbatius begins to understand, that someone's onto him. He's not happy about it.
He ends up killing the Senator Lucius Sempronius Atratinus in this thread.

Crime scene investigations - Lucius arrives at the scene where Atratinus was killed.
He sends for Theo, Jason and Alexius to help him investigate the murder.

Whoever Brings The Night - Takes place the night after Atratinus' murder. Didia encounters Barbatius as he is watching their insula.
He attacks her and together with Aia and eventually Alexius, they catch him.
followed by these the same evening
Judge and Jury - in which Alexius, Didia, Aia, Theo, Lucius, Azarion, Jason, Pinaria, Ovinia and Decimus discuss what to do with Barbatius.
What it feels like - Pinaria Gaia and Ovinia Camilla talk after Barbatius has been taken to the prison Tullianum.
The night shift - Alexius, Lucius, Decimus and Jason seek out Tiberius after they've delivered Barbatius to the 

Safe Behind Bars - The day after he was caught, Barbatius sits alone in his jail cell and has a very important visitor - Tiberius wants to see the beast.
Marcus Silanus joins him, wondering why this prisoner is so special.

April 77 AD

Cerealia: Grand Finale - for the finale of the Cerealia games, Marcus Barbatius is to be executed by beasts in the arena. Rome is ready to watch him die.


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