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18 | 12 Nov 58AD | Slave | Prostitute | Straight | Original | Phoebe Dynevor





Quiet and unassuming, Ione is not a natural prostitute but her four months at the Elysium have taught her the requisite skills. She came from a simple family and so will never be possessed of pride or arrogance, but what little respectability she had has been cast out over the last few months and she suffers deep embarrassment at her current position. She suffers through her work as best as she can but can never quite muster up the enthusiasm when with clients, like some of the other men and women of the brothel. 

She has an easy smile and a trusting nature and a desperate yearning for friends and companionship. People might once have described her as 'sweet', but that seems at odds with her bearing in the brothel. This dichotomy makes her insecure and she prefers to hide herself in the shadows as much as she can. She hopes one day she can see her home again; walk on the sands of the beaches, feel the sun on her skin and have the fresh air of island life but as the weeks and months tick by in Rome, this feels more and more like a dream.



Small and very slight, Ione is still girlish at eighteen, looking younger than her years. She eats poorly at the Elysium, usually one meal a day scrounged from a local thermopolium so hasn't necessarily filled her curves like some of her contemporaries. Her natural hair is somewhere between a mousy brown and blonde in the sun, but she has had a host of cheap wigs given to her by the owner of the Elysium which means she can appear bright blonde, dark haired or anywhere in between at any given time. Unlike the Venus, the Elysium has no great qualms about letting in drunkards or thugs and so she can often be seen sporting bruises on her body or face (when the hired help haven't been able to get the punters out quick enough). She has pale skin but sometimes accentuates it with cheap cosmetics, scrounged from the other girls. She also has a beauty mark above her lip and dark blue eyes. She dresses in gaudy, short togas in the brothel and when out fishing for business - it being the preserve of respectable men and prostitutes alone. When she has precious down time she wears the one plain tunica she was gifted by her owner.



Father: Laphanes of Heracleium 

Mother: Clymene (deceased)

Siblings: N/A

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A

Extended family: N/A

Other: N/A




58AD: Ione is born to Laphanes and his young wife, Clymene and named Hilaera. Her father was a potter, working in the small town of Poros on the island of Kefalonia, in the Ionian Sea. The town, whilst once thriving in hundreds of years gone by, is small and insular and the family barely scrape by. She was a longed for child as after eight years of marriage, Clymene had suffered miscarriages and stillbirths but ultimately her father was disappointed to have a daughter and not for a longed for son. 

58-73AD: The next few years of her life pass by with limited adventure for the young Hilaera; she comes to know the Roman garrison stationed near their town and helps her father as much as she can in the studio, but debts begin to pile up from gambling losses. She tries to press her father to preserve her dowry but she fears it’s being used and spent to fund further slaves and more games of dice.

74AD: Hilaera’s mother dies, having caught the influenza which had been going round the town. She tries to take responsibility for the rapidly declining home, but her father isolates himself - falling behind in orders and losing friends. She thought there was no love lost between her parents given the fits of violence, but it appeared her father cared more for her mother than she realised.

75AD: The unimaginable happens when Hilaera is sixteen. Her father sells her as a means to pay his mounting debts. She pleads with him, but his rationale can’t be shaken; that as a woman she could never inherit his business anyway and the money from her sale would be better spent on training up his favourite slave to take over. She is dragged away screaming to the market where she’s promptly transported to Athens and then sold on to a travelling merchant. 

76AD: Mercifully the man to whom she was sold was largely indifferent to his new purchase; installing her in his house in his home city of Cosa (Orbetello) as a general house slave. She lives here for six months. 

76AD: The merchant’s house, however, was not to be her forever home. Deciding to move his business to Greece, he was unwilling to take his domestic slaves who could be cheaply and easily replaced. She’s dragged once again to a slave market and picked up for a decent price to a slaver, recognising her virginity made her more valuable than the local markets believed. She is transported to Rome and sold at an auction to the Elysium where she both loses her virtue and all she had known about her life. She is renamed Ione, after the Nereid as she came from a place surrounded by the sea. She’s been there for four months now, and has no idea what to do next.


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Amendment to move her home town to Kefalonia rather than Crete, as discussed with Gothy.
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