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Suitor & husband-to-be!


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[Name open!]
Open PB! - 33-40 years old - recently returned Legatus and Senator

So, my Ovinia really should get married. She's been on something of a transformation recently, realising that perhaps there's more to life than she had realised. Unfortunately, however, she still has a duty to her family as their only daughter. She recently turned down a very good prospect and despite something brewing between herself and Lucius Vipsanius Roscius (who is utterly unsuitable) her father is losing patience. Step-in, this fella.

His background is very open but I imagine him to be recently returned to Rome following a stint as a legate. In regards to personality, I imagine him as:

  • A very straight-laced Roman man.
  • He likes his home in order, likes the authority he has and is ambitious in the political sphere and for his career.
  • He is also very determined to start having some legitimate sons.
  • I don't picture him as an inherently bad man (by Roman standards!) and I'm sure he can enjoy a pleasant dinner with his wife-to-be, and be perfectly charming with gifts and such, but he's not a man to be crossed and has a very set view of women's role in the world and in his home.

In terms of history/family, the only thing I'm confident on is that he has a lover (and potentially a child/a few) outside of his home with an unsuitable woman.

He is going to be quite a central figure in Ovinia's plots moving forward, but there's also so much scope for plots outside of his future marriage. There's several Senatorial characters his age in play, so endless scope for plotting! Likewise, I'm very open to him having extra-marital affairs or such, so romance (potentially not with his wife-to-be!) can also be on the cards for him. 

I'd absolutely love for him to be in play and I'm always open for chats and plottings - you can find me on discord at Sara#2296

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