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Seeking new target, erm, body slave


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Going to keep this one short and simple.

Since Aglaea up and left, my Livia has been making life hell for the poor soul below, who has found herself involuntarily promoted to body slave (at least until Livia finds a more suitable one).

Name: Ursa
Age: late teens to mid twenties
Playby: very open! The only physical trait of hers mentioned so far is curly hair, so feel free to pick whoever you like that fits the bill.
History: also very open! I'd say she's been with Livia and her family for at least the last 2-3 years. What happened before that is up to you.
Personality: even more open! Make her meek, make her spiteful, make her angry, make her cheerful - whatever suits your fancy.
Other information: This is not a happy household. Livia's husband and paterfamilias Secundus is more volatile than ether, Livia herself is a bitch childish, petty and vindictive, and the whole situation was made worse in late summer 76AD when Livia's beloved body slave and companion, Aglaea, gave birth to her master's child and ran away shortly afterwards. The baby is being raised as though he were Livia's and is the couple's only child. Ursa would be aware of at least the gist of it, eventually the whole story depending on how curious and resourceful she is. The family own a villa in Tibur and spend most of their time there, even more so in the last year, but travel to Rome frequently.

A few relatives of Livia and Secundus are in play, as are other characters connected to them, so you'll have no shortage of people to write with :) For more information PM me here or DM me Liv#0609.

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