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To Gaius Ovinius Camillus, Praetor of the Empire


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November 76AD

Praetor Ovinius Camillus,

I write to you in greeting and acknowledgement of your service to the Empire. Though we have seen each other in Senate sessions we have not had the opportunity for formal introductions, and thus I seek to remedy that. You have achieved much and your family shows great potential. Should such interest you, I would be most pleased to meet with yourself and your sons, to better acquaint ourselves and to know the upcoming generation of Senators.

The Goddess Athena, patroness of Rome herself, has perhaps shown a sense of humour, as the first member of your line that I have met was in fact your daughter, Ovinia Camilla, who attended the event at the palace a few months back. We re-encountered each other in passing on our travels through Rome and had an intriguing discussion on the topics of philosophy and geography. It speaks well of your family that you have a daughter so keen of mind. I have included two treatises for her which, following our conversation, I believe that she might find of interest.

I look forward to future communication with yourself and shall watch with interest the political progress of your sons.

Yours, in Service to the Empire

Tiberius Claudius Sabucius

The letter was accompanied by two scrolls. One was a treatise on the tenets of modern Stoicism by Seneca, whilst the other was a recounting by an Imperial geographer and map maker of a mountainous region of northern Gaul, including descriptions of the local peoples, their dwellings and even some of their traditions.


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