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Lucius Ovinius Camillus

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29 | 15 February 48 | Senatore | Military Tribune | Heterosexual | Wanted | Ido Drent





Perhaps the most laid back member of the family - though all things are relative - Lucius is easygoing and affable, the kind of person who far prefers to make friends than enemies. As the middle son he had neither the pressure placed upon Gaius Minor, nor the doting attention that was on Tertius, and he was content with this. Comfortable in his place but often left to his own devices, he has grown to be a confident and independent young man. He tends to follow his own judgement rather than the pressure from others where they differ, but if he doesn't feel strongly one way or the other he is happy to go with the flow. He is aware of his father and brother's ambitions, but doesn't believe that politics are the only path in life worth exploring.

Lucius respects his father and older brother and dotes on his younger brother and sister. He also worries about their mother's failing health, but doesn't know what he can do about it.



Lucius is tall and slim, though time in armour has put muscle on his rangy frame. His hair is mid brown and straight, and he has a rich tan that belies his Hispanic heritage through his mother. Hazel eyes are set in a heart-shaped face, perhaps most like his sister, save that he has the harder jawline and sharper cheekbones of a man.

He dresses well as befits his station, but not gaudily, having an appreciation of the finer things in life without excess. Somehow though his hair always seems to be a bit scruffy.



Father: Gaius Ovinius Camillus 

Mother: Matia Tetulliana

Siblings: Gaius Ovinius Camillus Minor,

Ovinia Camilla,

Tertius Ovinius Camillus

Spouse: None

Children: None

Extended family: Viria Saena (sister-in-law, married to Gaius, born 52AD)

Lucius Ovinius Camillus (nephew, son of Gaius, born 75AD)

Other: None



48AD Lucius Ovinius Camillus is born to Gaius Ovinius Camillus and Matia Tetulliana, their second son. If Gaius is the heir, Lucius is the spare, the welcome insurance against disaster and the fulfillment of the need to ensure his father's line, born only two years after his brother. For the next four years it was just the two boys, and Lucius followed Gaius Minor everywhere, all but worhshipping his older brother, and the ease of teaching him alongside his brother was welcomed.

52AD Tertius is born, and their mother's attention is focused more on their younger brother, so the boys turn their attentions more to their father. They are close and play together whenever they are not having lessons or otherwise being wrangled, with Gaius the ringleader and Lucius happy to follow his lead.

57AD Ovinia is born. The youngest of the brood and the only girl, once Ovinia is big enough to be around by her older brothers she becomes somewhere between a doll and a pet for them. Lucius particularly tends to carry her about, because he's strong enough and it keeps her quiet whilst Gaius has his lessons.

62AD (December): The purges begin and Lucius’s paternal grandfather and namesake is killed, alongside his maternal grandparents. Their father shepherds his family to Greece whilst he goes to Antioch with the Senate in exile. The family will not return to Rome until 64AD.

66AD Lucius is accepted to the Vigintiviri, before becoming a Military Tribune in 68AD, as per the standard progression of the Cursus Honorum, following in his brother Gaius Minor's footsteps and their father's teaching and encouragement. Initially he serves close to home, but in 70AD Gaius Minor marries and shortly thereafter Lucius's military service takes him off to Hispania, a long way from home. He misses his brothers and baby sister, but at the same time enjoys the freedoms of being away from his father's household and guidance. It's his first real opportunity to explore who he is in himself, rather than simply the second son of Gaius Ovinius Camillus.

He keeps contact with his family by writing, dutiful letters to his father and missives with idle gossip and observations to his siblings. in 71AD Ovinia writes to tell him of their mother's illness, and keeps him updated on the family's travels to their estate and back to Rome, along with their mother's relapses. It is clear from her writing that Ovinia herself is taking on more of their mother's duties in the household, and he wonders how she gets on with Viria Saena. At some point Ovinia would have to marry, and it was Gaius who would inherit the Domus. Time would work that one out.

At the end of 76AD Lucius returns to Rome from Hispania with his Legate and finds himself once more in his father's house.



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