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Gaius Egnatius Maxentius

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    45 | 20 January 32 CE | Plebian | Guard / Enforcer | Heterosexual | Original | Ray Stevenson




    Gaius is an old dog; or at least it is how he views himself. He has gone through many changes during his life as the son of a freedman; initially a cowering beanstalk of a boy who harboured natural curiosity for the world - wide-eyed and, one could argue, a dreamer.

One could say that his service in the Legion had changed him, for Gaius had to scrape and scramble to prove his worth. A man who would fight tooth and nail to earn his rightful spot and work his way up the ranks; he is not a man who easily forgets his roots, and often pulls on it to give him grounding. War and battle had brought out an aggressive side to the normally even-tempered man, controlled as it might have been, he has become more prone to bouts of temper and during such times, a disregard to decorum.

He is a man who values his companionships, someone who values the friendships, bonds and hardships that come with growing up as part of the plebian denizens. Gaius often will allow his biases to cloud his initial judgement of people, though he means well otherwise.

Most days, Gaius is a man who keeps to a quiet reservation, allowing people to make their own assumptions about him as he wants nothing more than a simple life where he earns coin, provides for his family and uses the skills that he had once learned.



It was said that Gaius was always cursed to look aged (though he suggests that he looks rather refined), his hair is dark brown though now speckled with gray hair and almost always cropped short to the head. Steely gray-blue eyes was his mother’s contribution to his features, for the rest was said to have been inherited from his father. He stands often a head above many, his height a particular picking for when he was a young boy, though it has become a comfort to him now.

Tanned and scarred, Gaius reflects that of an old legionnaire; his back a mangled mess of scars from an infraction many, many moons ago - a reminder that his mistakes were never so far behind him. His eyes are jaded and weary from years of fighting, but his body is still primed for service; whilst not heavily muscled, Gaius keeps himself in shape in his older years.  

His clothes are nothing fancy or worth note; much rather sticking to the drab, plain tunica colours unless he wears his armour given to him during his military days, though all that remains of such dress is the sandals and leather vambraces.



Flavius Maxentius, 65, alive


Rufina Maxentia, 63, deceased


Brother: Flavius Maxentius Minor, 40, deceased

Brother: Octavian Maxentius, 32, alive

Step-sister: Hadriana, 23, alive (Cassia's prior marriage)

Step-brother: Crassus, 17, alive

Step-brother: Titus, 15, alive

    Extended family:

Step-mother: Cassia, 50, alive

m. unknown father (Hadriana's father)


None (yet)




Gaius; the son of Flavius and his first wife, Rufina, was born into a family who had scraped their way into the world through blood, sweat and tears.

For Flavius was a man who was born just outside Rome, in the province of Raetia. Initially a family of miners before being recruited into the auxiliary forces of Rome to bolster their ranks, meeting Rufina who had been one of the legion’s medics and their paths ever since had crossed. She had no sooner fallen in love than learned that she was pregnant bearing their first child.

Five years later they would see their second born son brought into the family, much to great joy and celebration; much to his father’s joy whom he bestowed as his namesake. A point of contention for Gaius who watched as his brother was doted upon.

Octavian was born when Gaius turned thirteen; a precarious birth, and a tragic one as their mother perished at childbirth.

Turning seventeen years old, Gaius had volunteered to join the legion, believing that it would be his way of rebellion against his father having left the army to return to being a farmer once more, along with the addition of a new mother whom he had made no attempt at getting along with and a step-sister who sought to wreak havoc in their lives.


The revolts had meant that Gaius had been pushed out to Achaea with the Raetia Auxiliary Legion to reinforce Roman Legionnaires fighting. Their Legion takes many casualties during the skirmishes.

A few years later would see Gaius no wiser than to find himself punished for minor acts of disobeying orders and breaking rank; suffering from the flogging and a reduction in rations for thirteen days but it had yet to put him off service to the Empire.

The auxiliary force is sent out to many different skirmishes during the years that he was part of the legion; only once being sent to the tents for an injury to his leg, and finding out that his brothers had also joined one of the many legions dotted about - a message scrawled on parchment joking about how they had all left behind their father because of their step-mother.


Years had begun to chip away at Gaius, the once idealistic boy had withdrawn into the sullen nature of someone jaded and burned from battle; a man who had seen many of his friends and commanders fall or desert - promoted to centurion, before he had decided that he had enough.

70 CE would see the man return to his homeland - to his father who had thrived in their absence, with two new additional step-brothers who assisted in running their business in trade and commerce. Gaius’ return had sparked a numerous amount of arguments, for he knew the step-siblings had replaced the positions of Flavius’ real sons (for his father believed that he had died due to a clerical error).

Angry and embittered, Gaius had turned to earning his coin by offering his services of the sword and protection to the highest bidder; wanting little to do with his father or his step-mother (who by all accounts had wanted to mend bridges).

75 CE had been a dark time for Gaius as he had found out his second eldest brother had been killed and had started the mending of bridges. He was uncomfortable with the arrangements his father had with his step-brothers, but the arguments did cease eventually as they came to a mutual understanding of one another.



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