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Fautus' plotter


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Platonic :: When it comes to friends, Gaius is a man who will fiercely defend who he cares about. He's not one to mince around with his words or lie to a friend, even if the truth might hurt. He often gets along better with those who come from a military background and those who might be on the same class as him, rather than those who might forget about the plebians who fill the lower ranks of the legions. However, many will know that his time in the Legions have jaded him and such would have to prepare to deal with any moods that Gaius might find himself in.

Romantic :: In this department, Gaius is not one to have settled. He is much happier to find the comfort in the arms of women he pays for the evening, for true romance does frighten him a little.

Antagonistic :: A former legionary, occasionally mercenary and most of the time a guard for the Elysium, Gaius knows that he would have gotten a few enemies during his life. Many of his enemies are actually those in his family, to which he suffers a turbulent relationship with.

Other :: Very happy to have all sorts of plots!




Platonic :: Friends are a little thin in this department. A former gladiator who had been bought freedom into a life of slavery. He's a little bit cautious around a lot of people but largely comfortable moving around large groups of people as long as they aren't those who use class to lord over him.

Romantic :: Romance confuses him, he is asexual; though certainly has it in his heart where he has yearned after the company of men and women. He's quite content to watch people fall head over heels for one another, a smile on his face as things never quite work out.

Antagonistic :: There are most likely a few people who would look upon this ex-gladiator and man from Britannia and see a brute. Many of his own enemies are the Romans, who had been the first to draw first blood against his tribe and his family. A grudge that is not so easily forgotten. He does not appreciate people poking at him, or jeering at him as many had done in the past when he had been first captured by the Romans.

Other :: Very happy to have all sorts of plots!



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