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Ione shifted nimbly on to her side, back facing him and waited for the grab on her hips or her thighs, or the sound of him fumbling with his belt but instead a strong arm wound around her waist and pulled her tighter against him, the other arching under her tangled hair. She waited for a breath, unsure of what to do, always so unsure of what to do and then his words hit her and she exhaled a shuddering breath. 

She shouldn't, she should try and coax a service out of him, try and make him desire her all the more - it was what Armenius expected her to do - but laying her spooning together, the weariness making her boneless, she couldn't find any energy to try and do more. She felt safe, comfortable, at home. She nodded her head, nuzzling closer to his arm, a smile on her lips and tears of gratefulness pooling in the corners of her eyes; "Yes domine." She murmured and fluttered her eyes shut, before adding, "Thank you..." She whispered as her breathing evened and she let darkness tug at the corners of her consciousness. It was almost peculiar how quickly she slipped into a dreamless sleep, curled up in his arms. 


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Spurius Antius Claudus


As he half expected, once she was given permission, Ione was asleep in moments. Spurius lay curled behind her, enjoying her warmth and the feel of her, thinking about how he might like her next visit to his domus to go. He wouldn't sleep himself, but rather timed his 'visit' by that of the fellow who audibly arrived in the next cubicle, and then audibly arrived in quite a different manner. Spurius gave them the luxury of a few more minutes, before gently shaking the woman in front of him. "Ione."

It was time for him to conclude his business with Armenius, and much as he might not have used Ione's time as the man might have expected, he'd enjoyed it.


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