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We have both a few major and minor updates that have taken effect this month as we admins are working on spring cleaning.

Major Updates

1. Advertising Mod Search : Now that we have our advertising area reworked and opened once more we’re in search of a mod to help keep that up for us and to advertise the site.

2. Introducing Character Activity Levels : Probably the most complicated to explain of our major updates but here we go : this is based upon CHARACTER, not player, and will mostly be fluid according to muses. It’s basically your estimate on how often that character can post, if they can post at all. This is mandatory and will be found in Edit under the Manage Character option on your character's pages. 

Fast: More than 2 posts per week
Moderate: 1 to 2 posts weekly
Leisure: 1 post per two weeks
Passive: Less than 1 post per 2 weeks
Hiatus: This character is elsewhere at the moment.

3. Site Pacing : As per a discussion among staff, we’ve decided to slow down the pace of time in game. Even though we allow people to play within a 3 month period at the moment, it is still very much on a real world time. The year starts when our starts, and ends when our ends and at the moment it has become an unsustainable system for the staff team.

So, we’ve decided that we will be slowing down the site to where 4 in game months will pass over a real world year.

Example: January of 78 will be played over the real life months of Jan, Feb, and March. Then the site will move into February of 78 for April, May, June. And so on. 

If we feel it is moving too slowly at any point we will move up to a 6 month in game per 1 rl year model but we want to try the 4 to 12 model out first.

Minor Updates

All of the minor updates to the site have been largely superficial. Centering around the skin and some rearranging of the boards for a more coherent organization. As well as disabling old skins that no longer are compatible with the current software.

While the roll call is not an activity check, it will continue until the end of April and we will be doing more spring cleaning centering around that.

Future Updates

A dark skin for eyes that need it.

Rules pertaining to our Discord will be updated by the end of the month.

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