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Didia Rubina

Didia Rubina

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20 | 10 July 57 CE | Plebeian | Reds Faction den mother | Heterosexual | Original | Zendaya




Didia is a very social person. She grew up as the daughter of a well-liked father, a child of caring parents, and surrounded by all the members of the Reds faction, for better or worse. She likes being around people, she likes talking and laughing, and she enjoys the excitement and the drama surrounding the chariot races. She has a soft spot for horses and knows the ins and outs of racing, and she can't really be surprised by charioteers anymore. (She also knows how to swear perfectly, although her parents are trying to teach her not to do it in public.) Sometimes she is too loud and not really lady-like, although she enjoys playing lady on occasion. Now that she is an adult, her father is gently steering her towards behaving like a Roman maiden, but when she's in comfortable company - around the stables - she slips easily back into her carefree ways.

Despite her young age, Didia is a caring person who likes to pay attention to others, and has a tendency to mother them - either with love, or with tough love, depending on what's needed. She doesn't take any BS from anyone, and she doesn't suffer fools. She demands respect, and if someone judges her based on her gender, she tends to get very pissy. In these cases, petty revenge is not beneath her. But all in all, she is a friendly person, with the need to be surrounded by people she likes.


Didia grew fast in her teen years, first becoming quite gangly and awkward, and then turning more slender (although she is not yet quite graceful all the time). She stands about 5' 4" tall and slim, with creole skin and features that tell of her North African family origins. She has brown eyes and dark brown hair that goes from wavy to frizzy depending on how much time she spends on it and how humid the air is. Her face can be quite expressive - she has trouble hiding anything she thinks, even when she stays quiet.

Didia basically has two settings: her everyday look and her "social appearance" look. The former usually involves a simple tunica (usually in brown or red colors) and some occasional sand and dirt, while the latter takes a whole lot of preparation (mostly in the hair department). She doesn't usually wear much jewelry or makeup, but when she is accompanying her father to a social event, she can get quite dolled up if she puts in the effort. She has a few nice dresses and pallas, and a few pieces of jewelry she keeps for these occasions. She enjoys warm colors in her outfits.


Father: Titus Didius Rubeus

Mother: Smaragda

Siblings: None

Spouse: None

Children: None

Extended family: Basically all of the Reds

Other: None



57 CE - Didia Rubina is born. Her father, originally a slave from Cyrenaica, is a charioteer for the Reds. He goes by the name Rubeus at the races (for obvious reasons), and is quite successful and well-liked. The year before his child is born, he is freed for his success by Titus Didius Gallus, faction leader of the Reds, and takes his name. He continues racing for the Reds. Among his several lovers is Smaragda, an enslaved woman also from Cyrenaica. They are not married, but they have a caring, long-term bond, which eventually results in a child. Titus Didius Gallus frees the child as a gift to Rubeus, and she receives her father's freed name, with a twist: she becomes Didia Rubina, Didia the Ruby.

57-67 CE - Didia Rubina grows up in and around the Reds' stables. Her father continues racing until he retires in 67, when Didia is 10 years old. However, he stays with the faction, training young charioteers and being one of the public faces of the faction. Soon after his child's birth he buys Smaragda's freedom as well. The little family has a home close to the faction headquarters where Didia spends most of her time, being underfoot and doting on the horses.

77 CE - Didia is now 20 years old, and basically the den mother of the Reds. Most charioteers treat her as a member of their family: an annoying little sister, a quirky cousin, or an unusually young mother figure. He father's fame is now fading, taken over by new talent, but he still makes good living from training, enough to keep his little family comfortable. He hopes to find a good match for his daughter, and marry her up the social ladder if possible. Didia, on her part, enjoys living in-between polite society (she often accompanies her father to social events) and the exciting, often dramatic world of the races.

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