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"Do it yourself."

April 77 AD: Closing Up Shop (w/ Cynane)


"As you wish."

March 74 AD: Walk on the Wild Side (w/ Helios)

Mentioned in 76 AD: A Little Discomfort in a Good Cause (Teutus Quinctilius Varus, Spurius Antius Claudus)

Winter 76 AD: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic (w/ Teutus Quinctilius Varus)

January 77 AD: Stand in the Storm (w/ Lucius Antonius Alexius)

UNDATED, but I'm placing it in February 77 AD for now: Of Cabbages and Kings (w/ Jason)

February 77 AD: Shopping for Two (w/ Metella)

March 77 AD: A Day at the Markets (w/ Varinia)

March 77 AD: Flare (w/ Caturix)


"You're too slow!"

February 77 AD: Equirria (w/ Azarion, Marcus Eppius Parthenicus)

April 77 AD: Ketter (w/ Thessala)

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