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Hilda of the Chatti


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23 | 20 March 54AD | Foreigner | Granddaughter of the Chief of the Chatti | Straight | Original/Wanted | Jeanne Goursaud





Quick to temper, and known to bristle at authority, Hilda has few of the diplomatic skills possessed by her half-brother Wulfric or her mother. A proud member of the Chatti, Hilda is perturbed and confused by the opulence of Italia and Rome. She wears her heritage clearly and is proud to be a woman and princess of the Chatti. She likes to gamble and drink, and assert her authority when she can. Just as she is quick to temper, she is likewise quick to smile and laugh - especially when in the company of her siblings or friends. She has none of the qualms of Roman women about sex or relationships, especially since her marriage and has been known to take several lovers throughout her marriage. Passionate, forthright and dominating, Hilda is a force to be reckoned with.



Hilda is the image one might conjure of a barbarian Germanian woman; thick blonde hair, blue eyes, freckled pale skin, strong features and an athletic, lean, nimble figure. She has a passing resemblance to her half-brother, but favours her mother. She dresses as befits her upbringing - in simple enough tunicas and thick furs, both of which she’s brought with her to Rome. She usually wears her hair down and unbraided and doesn’t wear jewellery or makeup beyond simple leather bracelets, given to her by a past lover. She is an attractive woman but the scowl she usually wears diminishes her looks somewhat.



Father: Wulfstan of the Chatti (deceased, 73AD)

Mother: Frieda of the Chatti 


Wulfric of the Chatti (half-brother, born 52AD)

Signy of the Chatti (sister, born 57AD)

Spouse: Ahren of the Tencteri (deceased, 76AD)

Children: N/A

Extended family:

Hrodulf (grandfather) – Chieftain of the Chatti

Hrolf  (uncle) - Frieda's brother and next in line to be king




54AD (March) - Hilda is born to Frieda of the Chatti and her husband Wulfstan. 

57AD (July) - Hilda’s younger sister Signy is born.

69AD (June) - Hilda becomes a woman as her bleeds begin, and her grandfather begins searching for a suitable match for a marriage.

 71AD (January) - Aged sixteen, Hilda is used to form an alliance with the neighbouring Tencteri, marrying the son of a chief - Ahren. She’s displeased with the match and the man but grudgingly goes all the same, leaving her family behind. 

73AD (December) - Hilda learns her father has died and that her half-brother is leaving for Rome.

71-76AD - Hilda lives with her husband and his people in their settlement. Their marriage is volatile and, at times, violent. This violence is mutual though and exacerbated during the long, dark winter months. 

76AD (November) - Ahren and several of his men are killed during a spat with some soldiers of the legion stationed closest to Tencteri lands on the Limes. His body is displayed outside the Roman fort as a message. As part of the terms of her marriage, in the event of Ahren’s death without an heir, Hilda was to marry his brother. Hilda, sick of the Tencteri and of the opinion that Ahren's brother was no better than him, returns back to Chatti lands without permission.

76AD (December) - Back with her family, the Tencteri won’t relent that Hilda should return to their lands. Frieda tries her best to persuade her father, and her brother to not relent. Discord reigns between the tribes and Hrodulf, Hrolf and Frieda make a plan to send Hilda to Wulfric, hoping that his (presumed) new influence in Rome and protection will be enough to help Hilda, and her absence from the region will calm down the Tencteri.

77AD (January) - Hilda starts her long journey to Rome, accompanied by one of her uncles men, to escape the Tencteri demands and seek the protection and influence of her half-brother, who she assumes has established himself in the city.

77AD (April) - Hilda arrives in Rome and seeks out Wulfric.


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