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Plebian Family of Spurius Antius Claudus


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The Gens Antia is fairly small and this branch has not yet acquired an inherited cognomen. They are traditionally traders or military men, and reasonably well off.


Spurius Antius Claudus (b.36AD)- Played by Sarah

A successful and reasonably wealthy slave trader with a history of military service that ended with a severe injury. Friendly and garrulous in public, he's a skilled salesman, but in private he is somewhat bitter over what his military service cost him. Has distanced himself a little from much of his family after an argument with his father after he returned badly injured from Britannia.


Marcus Antius (b. 1 BC)

The pater familias of this branch of the Antia, Marcus has spent a life as a very successful trader, particularly to the east, to Achaea, Judea and Aegyptus. His fortunes have risen and fallen with the civil unrests in those regions, but on the whole has supported his family in a comfortable style. He initially began training both his sons to continue in his business, but when unrest made business slim, he focused on his older son Gaius, encouraging Spurius to follow their uncle Julius into the military. Now very elderly, Marcus doesn't do much trading himself, but he is keen of mind and does much of the managing and liasing whilst Gaius does the actual travelling.  Has a slightly strained relationship with Spurius, who refuses to marry. Suggested playby: Bruce Willis.


Ovidia Juliana (b.15 AD)

The matriarch of the family, Ovidia always held the fort at home whilst Marcus went travelling and trading, raising her children largely in his absence, with the help of her slaves, and managing the household with a great degree of freedom. Never the less she was always fond of her husband and their reunions when he returned where joyous. Now that Marcus is largely retired she finds having him about the domus constantly a little tiresome, but spends her time visiting her friends, daughters and even her younger son. Playby: open


Gaius Antius (b. 31 AD)

Eldest son and heir to Marcus Antius and his trading business, Gaius is a larger than life character, always ready to sell you a fabulous carpet or trinket from distant lands. He's bold, loud and everyone's friend, in contrast to his younger brother. Has been married and has kids, but it's open whether he's still wed or divorced/widowed etc, and the nature of the kids. Has a cordial relationship with his brother, but doesn't really understand why Spurius changed so much after he came back from Britannia. Playbay: open


Antia Marcilla (b. 34 AD)

The elder sister, Marcilla is a busy and efficient woman, a keen organiser with a good head for business. Loves her siblings, gets a bit exhasperated by Spurius's stand-offishness, helps her mother and father with both household and the business's books. Has been married, but her family is otherwise open. Reasonable probability of having a stupid amount of kids (or wanting them). Playbay: open


Antia Julianilla (b. 44AD)

The baby of the family, Julianilla was cared for as much by her older sister as by her mother, and is the closest to Spurius in age as well as in friendship. As children he doted on her and played with her as much as they both trailed around after their older siblings. A bit spoiled, but a cheeky and fun personality, with the family's characteristic outgoinginess. Has been married, family otherwise open. Playby: open.


As you can see there's a lot of freedom to flesh these characters out, so please contact me if any strike your fancy.

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