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Hey, hi, and hello! I tend to not be the best at these intro things so hopefully I won't so as awkward as I am. I'm Mobius (Mobius, Mobi, any variation you can come up with, and she/her are all fine!) and I've been RPing for... holy smokes, a decade now! Technically longer if you count the chatbox RPs that got me hooked back on a game called Horseland when I was too young to even be on that game. I'm 24 and currently going through a complete reboot in life— from musician to hopefully college student in the fall with big dreams of getting a film degree and working as a cinematographer. I'm a horse girlTM and own a lunatic off-track Standardbred who makes me question my life choices on the regular. I'm also a fur mom to a dwarf bunny who likes to interrupt whatever writing I'm up to (including a novel I feel like I've been working on for an eternity) either by chewing something he shouldn't or demanding cuddles. The rest of my personality is made up of obsessing over my favorite TV shows/movies and playing video games (Team Sonic for life).


That's pretty much it! I can't wait to write with you all :)

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