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Bodyslave wanted!


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Name: Lucia 

Age: Anywhere between 18-27

Play-by: Open! Lucia has been described as having dark-eyes and I picture her as a POC. Jessica Parker from 'Black Sails' could work!

Occupation: Bodyslave to Ovinia Camilla

Personality and history: I'm very, very open with Lucia's history but she's been with Ovinia for at least a couple of years as her bodyslave. In NPCed threads she's been seen to be dutiful, obedient but perhaps more sly than she's given credit for. She also enjoys a gentle flirt, as seen with Lucius Antonius Alexius. The only key fact I have for her which is canon, is that when Ovinia was attacked and assaulted, Lucia was with her. In the thread (M-V), Lucia walked ahead of Ovinia and so was out of sight when she was grabbed. For this incident, in canon, she was whipped for leaving her mistress. Ovinia intervened when her father wished to punish her more and therefore she 'owes' her mistress one. Perhaps that's why she's not told anybody the quite obvious flirting (and more) going on between her domina and an unsuitable man (Lucius Manius Victorius Roscianus). Beyond that one incident, her hopes, dreams, desires and history are open! 

Contact: PM me on the site or feel free to drop me a DM on discord - Sara#2296 

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