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Taking a break


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Hey everyone,

This is something I should have done a while ago, but it was surprisingly difficult to come to terms with the fact that my inspiration up and left sometime ago. I've tried a number of things to get that spark back but no such luck, so I'll be taking a break from writing for an indeterminate amount of time. You've all been so patient and I'm really sorry I wasn't able to follow up to the level you deserve.

That said,  I'm hesitant to kill off my characters so they will be temporarily exiting the scene with the gist of it in the spoiler tag.

I'll still be hanging round the server so feel free to contact me whether just for a chat or if there's anything you'd like to sort out, and thank you all for allowing me to write with you amazing people! 😊


Artemon went to pay some sailor friends in Ostia a visit, and after a night of intoxication that would put a senator's cellars to shame he woke up on a ship with a terrible hangover plus two dozen angry eyes on him and nothing but sea as far as the eye could see. Being the clever and resourceful person he is, it will take him some time to find his way back to Rome - or Egypt.

Livia is more than happy to embrace motherhood in the safe confines of her villa in Tibur, the once prison now turned welcome refuge. With all the crime and pestilence in Rome, it's far safer for her little boy and only child to grow up in the countryside where the air is pure, the food is fresh and the idea of having to entertain a certain former consul's wife on occasion is more bearable.

Melia got word of somebody who might be her sister being spotted in a few different locations in Gallia. It's a long shot and a longer distance, but still more promising than anything she had heard until then, and so she hits the road and keeps searching. Seek and ye shall find, right?

Titus succumbed to a certain restlessness as there are only so many unpublished Landicus texts one can read before knowing them by heart, entertaining though they might be, and was fortunate enough to be indulged in his desire for adventure with a posting in the east. Yes, it's hot. Yes, the locals and their one god are constantly causing trouble for themselves and their Roman overlords rulers. Yes, it's still nicer than Britannia.


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