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Maybe this suitor will be a lucky one


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Another day, another suitor coming to call. Her father wouldn't rest until she was married off. But in Safinia's opinion. She personally thought maybe that she should be a little tired from it. Fighting it that was. Yes, some of the suitors that came to call upon her were a little....unconventional within her mind. But they all couldn't be. Safinia watched as those in the marketplace spoke about her but she also saw those women that strolled around and talked about happy they were within their marriages. It gave a little...purpose to Safinia. That maybe she shouldn't try so hard to be a stubborn and difficult woman. After all, she was a daughter of a senator and she was supposed to have this image that was still within society. But however, it also gave her an idea that she'd have to show who she really was as a person. After all, she was a woman of much wit and grace within her system. Plus, it was actually getting exhausting trying to be someone she was not. If she continued on the path she had indeed found herself, she would find herself on a path that could be a possible outcasting or worse. Her father choosing who she marries and she be miserable. (Of course that was also how her mother put it. ) Better to have a choice than nothing else. 

Safinia finished the dressing process for the next suitor that was to be calling. Lucius Ovinius Camillus. That was the rumored name of course. But she knew that it could change as it could be a whole line of suitors she was to great. But to her surprise, her father had not arranged that just yet. But once she had finished dressing, she found her way to the sitting area as she sat and had a sip of the glass of water that one of their slaves had brought for them. She had an idea on how she was going to do this. Today, she would simply be herself. She would try to go into it with an open mind. Not that she hadn't done so with other suitors. But a couple of them, she bore no ill will towards and she only hoped the best for each of them. Although...she did feel bad for how she treated them. She'd have to make up for it but this was neither the time or place for it. 

Safinia could swear within the distance, she could hear her father talking and of course greeting. Within that moment, Safinia found herself unprepared and almost spit out the water she was drinking. But within a second, she was able to compose herself before standing up and wiping the water from her mouth. She took a deep breath as she reminded herself to be natural. Normal. Even if she would have to cut and eye roll to her father every now and then. Another issue she would have to overlook. Her father thinking he knew best by speaking for her. But she had a voice and tongue. She would use said tongue to create delightful words as her father would thus find out. 

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Following his conversation with his sister, Lucius had decided it was time to have one with his father. That one had been... less easily had, but it had been had and that's what was important. He had two goals now, each of which would result in a reward if achieved, since Gaius had discovered what actually motivated his son wasn't glory and political power. Of course, he also had a deadline. The end of the year. If he found a wife in that time, Gaius Ovinius Camillus would increase his peculium enough that Lucius could afford a domus of his own. That would be something; the idea of being newly wed and having to share his father's domus with his parents, his older brother and his wife, and his younger brother barely bore thinking about. His sister was easier, though even Ovinia could be a bit overbearing when she wanted. Truly, it must be the blessings of the Gods that kept the Ovinii Camilli household from exploding, simply due to clashing egos. Lucius was the laid-back one and even his conversation with his father had involved some initial shouting. 

Gaius had, of course, had a list of suitable girls and young women already prepared, so Lucius had agreed to him arranging meetings with two or three to start with. The first one was the daughter of a Senator - knowing his father, they probably all were - one Lucius Safinius Regillus. Lucius Ovinius Camillus would be the first to admit that the name didn't mean much to him, having been away with the legions for some years, but his father had all the details; a lineage of Senators, a good family, and oddly an only child, with one adopted brother. Potentially a good dowry, but several suitors already turned down if gossip was to be believed. That immediately made Lucius wonder why, but he supposed he would find out. She was the first he was meeting, and he wasn't too worried if he got turned down too. He kept telling himself that there were lots of young women in Rome. Right?

His sister had firmly insisted that he couldn't go calling in his uniform, so Lucius had opted for his deep blue tunica and bright white toga, along with his best sandles, the ones with the little brass studs. His hair was neatly brushed forward and he supposed he presented as good a picture as he was going to. His body slave knocked at the door of the domus and one of the household slaves let them in, to be greeted a moment later by the master of the house. Lucius greeted the man politely, following the forms as he'd been taught and thanking him for allowing him to meet his daughter. It was expected that the two would be given the illusion of privacy, though it was also guaranteed that there would be family nearby and slaves lingering. That was how it was done. Time to talk but no time to do anything they shouldn't. Not that he had any plans to. 

The formalities out of the way, he was led to a sitting area just off the peristyle, where an attractive young woman was waiting. My daughter, Safinia Laelia. She was introduced. Lucius bowed politely. "Lucius Ovinius Camillus." He introduced himself politely, with a friendly smile. She really was quite attractive, though he thought he caught a glimpse of something guarded in those hazel-green eyes. "I'm glad we finally get to meet." 


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