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Cerealia: Five minutes' respite

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Azarion's race was over. Jason didn't know whether his master had purposefully waited until the riders had crossed the finish line or not before sending Jason to chase up the slaves who had been supposed to be bringing the wine up to the Imperial Box, but either way, he'd seen his cousin beat the Red who'd beaten him in the chariot race that Jason had missed, the Equirria races.

The tunic he was wearing was a decent rust colour, with two strips of violet cloth sewn to it, obtained by overdyeing red cloth with blue dye (or blue cloth with red dye), a mimicry or mockery of the pristine white tunics with the bright purple stripes worn by the Senators, of whom Tiberius was one. It was enough to mark him out as an Imperial slave, though, which was something because it meant that he reached his destination without too much hassle.

If only the slaves with the amphora were there... They were not.

"How typical!"



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