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The prince and the horseman


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November 76


It had been a while since that first real conversation between Jason and his master. Jason had found himself getting caught up in a search for a killer who had attacked and hurt his cousin, though there was little chance he would ever get caught and brought to justice. Tiberius had been as busy as ever, and raised the idea of moving into the Villa of Sallust which was apparently situated in the Gardens of Sallust, belonged to the Imperial Family and had been empty for some while. Jason was not particularly in favour of such a move, not right after receiving permission to spend time in the stables when his work was done and he wasn't needed - who knew if Tiberius would take any horses with him to the new house, if there was even room for them there.

Right now, such a proposal was mere theory and Jason had had enough time to speak with the blacksmith, and the stable master inwardly revelling at their dubious looks when he told them what he wanted - and calmly over-riding their protests with the information that it was Tiberius Claudius Sabucius himself who wanted the things made, however outlandish they might seem.

It had been quite a while before Tiberius had a free day and Jason could raise the idea of that lesson he'd requested, suggesting that however unRoman it might be, Tiberius might want to don a pair of braccae such as the soldiers wore, and he'd thank Jason for it later. Anyway, they would help him stay warm.

"Normally, among my people, the person who wants to get to know a horse, to ride him, will spend time with him, grooming him. Even the chief." He gave a half-smile and shrug. "But I don't think that will work here, somehow, domine."

Tiberius was not the sort to get his hands dirty in that way - he was a Roman, and the Romans made their slaves do that kind of thing.




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