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Early June, 77AD

Ovinia sat in the blossoming, fragrant gardens of the domus, smoothing soft fingers over the folds of her palla and arranging them just right. She knew the drill by now and what was expected of her. This wasn't the first visit she'd had to contend with since she'd found her fathers list and since the attack, and she was only hopeful that this suitor would show himself to be as ill-suited as the rest of them. She hadn't even needed to give her father her own opinions on the men that had come before Senator Publius Horatius Justinus; Gaius Ovinius Camillus had found them of ill-repute and struck them from his mind. Which was for the better. Ovinia only hoped that Publius would share their fate. Not that she had any particular opposition to the man (beyond his age and the fact she'd learned he already had a son) after their conversation at Cerealia, six or so weeks before, but he wasn't who she wanted. And any delay was good. 

Still, she had her duty to do and it had been made painfully clear to her that her father was not going to suffer any further delay. She had turned twenty the month prior in May which meant her father was now required to pay tax on the fact that she was unwed. He had - in his own way - given her grace since the attack and the execution but his patience had worn thin to the point of snapping, and he had made it very plain that now was the time for her to be wed. She was still of an age where they could say her father had been choosy, but another year or Gods forbid two and people would start asking very unsavoury questions. 

So here she sat - bedecked in simple fashions but each piece exquisitely crafted. It needed to appear effortless, as if she woke up every morning with the beautifully soft waves in her hair and chose at random the fine green silk (from Teutus' own supplies) chiton and darker green palla with its embroidered gold depictions of flowers. She wore no make-up which made her appear slightly younger than when she lined her dark eyes with kohl as she did for some social occasions, and she wore simple, neat, elegant gold jewellery: a necklace, a ring on her right forefinger and one gold bangle. It was the same routine and same appearance she put on for all the men who called. Or...most of the men who called. She swallowed the memories of a different man and an altogether different set of dress...or lack thereof....in a different domus in Rome. She felt her cheeks flush slightly at the thought. 

Which was inconvenient as she heard her fathers voice and the sound of another mans moving through the domus. She stood up, brushing down her dress and offered a polite smile as Gaius Major introduced her. "My daughter, Ovinia Camilla. Although I believe you have met at...Cerealia, was it?" Ovinia inclined her head politely at the man and then nodded, smiling slightly. "Senator Justinus, and yes. It is a pleasure." Was it? These meetings never were usually - they were all so formulaic but she didn't let anything of that sort show on her face and merely waited for the men to sit before she resumed her perch on the bench. 


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