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The flowers that grow in the spring, tra-la!


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Spring had always been a favourite season for Davus, whether that was spring in Egypt which was merely a bit cooler than summer, with the Nile at its low point before the inundation began at some point in June. He didn't really remember much about that - partly because he'd been young and partly because it didn't really matter in Alexandria, where the scholars lived. Scholars weren't farmers, after all, though even scholars appreciated the rich black silt deposits in their fields and gardens.

Spring in Rome was different, green rather than black, flowers and birdsong if you were quiet and the master wasn't shouting for someone to come and do something.

The master was out and it was someone else's turn to go to the market today and Davus had been assigned to help in the garden, though quite what he was supposed to do was beyond him. He just hoped that the new gardener had more of a clue than he did.

"Florus? I was sent to come and help you this morning," he said in his Greek-accented Latin.



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