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  1. 25 posts!

    Whoo hoo! You have made 25 posts on the forum!

  2. Ten threads!

    You have started ten threads!

  3. 500 posts!

    Made 500 posts! 

  4. 10000 posts and 1000 threads!

    So divine! ❤️ 


  1. Lifebringer!

    Congrats! You made your first character!

  2. Oh my! Five!

    You have brought five characters to our community! ❤️

  3. Took a Canon

    You took on a Canon character! 😄

  4. Proboards days

    You've been with us since the proboards days!

  5. Mybb era

    Around 2009-2016. Whoo!

  6. Jcink dayzzzz

    You came with us during the move! ❤️

  7. Returning Member

    Welcome back to the fold!

  8. So much want

    Took a Wanted character!

  9. Plotter Mcplotterton

    Replied to ten plotters! 

  10. To the finish line!

    Had fifteen threads marked complete and archived! 

  11. All the love!

    Made your plotter. 

  12. Mysterious stranger

    Spent time with Romans and zombies? Maybe a cowboy. Posting on the AU board, I see. 😉 

  13. You murderer!

    Killed a character! 

  14. Come take em!

    Made a wanted ad! 

  15. Beta testing superstar!

    One of the beta testers! You're a star! 

  16. Made a blog!

    Made a blog for us to read! 

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