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  • Racing Teams Information.


    Racing Teams Information.


    (Picture copyright: https://pixabay.com/photos/horses-roman-arena-historic-race-1976554/

    Historical Note

    For AeRo's sake; these racing teams mean both horse riding and chariot racing rolled into a single team. 

    There are two types of chariot racing; double horses or four horses. 


    The Site Canons for these roles are available here and the wanteds are available here. The individual clubs can be found on this page.



    Factionis Viridi

    The Greens -- Dedicated to Mother Earth.

    Faction leader: Lucius Gavius Caepio (available) 
    Club Link: Here.

    In fiercest competition with the Blues and is now one of the most prominent teams. 


    Factionis Album

    The Whites -- Dedicated to the Winds.

    Faction leader: Marcus Eppius Parthicus (taken)
    Club Link: Here.

    One of the older teams, however, they have recently fallen into a lack of prominence. They are often favoured by the old school plebs and workers. 


    Factionis rubrum

    The Reds -- Dedicated to Mars.

    Faction leader: Titus Didius Gallus (available) 
    Club Link: Here.

    Along with the White team they were one of the original teams only to be replaced by the Blues and the Greens. They have a rivalry with all of the other teams but especially the Whites. 


    Factionis Caeruleum

    The Blues -- Dedicated to the Sea & Skies.

    Faction leader: Manius Carisia Magnus. (taken)
    Club Link: Here.

    Along with the Greens, they are one of the most prominent teams and have the greatest rivalry with them. 




    Information on the Races.

    Each team would have three participants per race. Teams were expected to help each other during the course of the race. 

    Roman charioteers would wrap their reins around their waist and relied on using a falx knife in order to prevent themselves from being dragged behind the wheel. They would wear helmets and other protective gear. 

    The Charioteers (aurigae) were slaves or freedmen. They could be sold to go to another team. 

    Competition was intense between the teams. People would occasionally bribe to cut a harness or sabotage a race. While others would use a curse tablet in order to use the Gods to cast ill fortune to charioteers, and they would even throw them at the charioteers. 


    Possible roles/ideas.

    Would you like to take part and haven't found a canon/wanted that you like? 

    Charioteers, trainers, Grooms, Cartwights, Leather workers, physicians, veterinarians, Track attendants, food vendors, talent scouts for drivers and horses, and entertainers (dancers, animal trainers for in between races). 


    Much of this information was gathered by Gil. 

    Edited by Gothic


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