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    The Rules.

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    • All members must be 18 years or older to register an account with us.
                       We are 333 on the RPG Rating system.
    • Members are expected to be polite and to behave maturely. Harassment, hate speech, or discriminatory speech is not permitted. Respect your fellow RPers. 
    • Warnings and bannings will be given for breaking the rules or otherwise creating a negative atmosphere that is unpleasant for members. These are done on a case by case basis for violation of the rules. Please use the reports system to let the staff know what has happened on the site. It is a staff decision what the outcome will be.
    • If you have any issues with the site. Please contact a staff member for assistance.
    • If you have any issues with a player or staff member please contact the staff privately through IM or DM on Discord.
    • Do not steal content from the site or members of the community.
    • Advertising goes on the advertising board only or on OOC member links.



    • If you are going to be absent beyond a week please give notice on the away board on either the discord or the absence board. Absences beyond a week should be posted on the Absences board


    Registration & Accounts

    • We use an OOC (Out of character) and IC (in character) mask system here. To create your character mask please use this guide.
    • Remember to register your OOC account first.
    • No duplicate OOC accounts are permitted. Any duplicate accounts will be deleted.


    Activity Checks & Inactive Member Group

    • AeRo does have two activity checks per year that members are expected to reply to. These will be publicised through the Announcements forum.
    • AeRo follows a passive activity check (silent sweeps). One IC post every ninety days is needed to maintain activity levels. Once this is passed, the inactive member will be placed in the Inactive member group and the claims will be made available once more. If a member reactivates their character through an IC post everything is reinstated. If a member misses another sweep their account will be deleted if they have not gotten in contact with us. 
    • If a member is absent and leaves a notification of absence then everything is maintained. 



    • An approved application is necessary prior to play with that character.
    • You have a month to start and finish your application. After that, all reserves (face and canon) will be voided and your application will be archived.  (added 6/2020)
    • All character applications must be posted using the IC (character mask) not the OOC one.
    • Edits are able to be made although please remember to inform a staff member to let them know an edit has been made. This is a trust system we have with the players. Players who violate this will have their threads locked. 
    • WIP applications are able to be posted. Please note that every so often they are cleared out and archived. If you would like to have it brought back, PM a staff member.
    • If you require any assistance please send a message to a staff member. We are happy to help!
    • If you wish to join as a foreign royal please check the foreigner canon list first, and speak to a staff member to get approval before posting your character.
    • If you wish to apply for a member of an existing family (which may be a canon/wanted) please speak with the player/s of the existing family beforehand. 
    • If you wish to have familial relations to the Imperial family or Julio-Claudians, please contact a staff member before applying for the character. 


    Canons & Wanteds

    • Site Canons are defined as characters made by the site for site purposes, or they have many powerful connections. 
    • Wanteds are defined as those made by players for the purpose of filling a role they would like to be played.
    • Members are welcome to create their own Wanteds and post them in the correct group. Wanteds are only permitted to be posted after a character as been accepted. 



    • No word count.
    • Threads marked open are open for all.
    • Anything that would likely have a large impact on the staff should be discussed with the staff prior. This is so it is AeRo friendly, and so we can offer you advice and tips on getting the most out of it. Examples of these things include; large economic issues, natural disasters, major battles, etc.
    • If you have proceeded without checking with staff first. There will be requests for edits to be made or the thread will be moved to the AU board, and marked as AU.
    • Timestamps are used on AeRo.
      Date(optional), Month Year
      This helps with the archiving process and keeping track of threads.
    • Deceased characters are able to be post on the Back in Time and AU boards only. If you would like to play a canon character you previously played that passed away, please PM Gothic to check it if is okay.
    • While the site allows members to write their characters out of the story (so long as it does not break site canon). If a member leaves the site, wanteds or canons become available once more. We reserve the right to write your character (especially high ranked) out of the story.
    • Please post a final post and alert the Historian account with a tag to let them know it is ready to be archived.


    Content warning tags.

    • Respect your fellow role-players by using content warnings in your posts for any graphic content. Please add the following tags to the tag listing.
    • Use S for sexual content.
    • Use V for violent content.
    • Use SV for sexual violence.


    Reports System.

    • Reports can be made about members, posts, blogs, and any records we have.
    • When making your report please remember to add why the report is being made.
    • If it concerns a member, the discussion will remain private and the reporter will receive a message to inform them that it has been resolved.


    Tag a member.

    • To tag a member in a post simply add @theirname and it will come up.



    • Members are welcome to use the status system. However, members must wait until their original status is no longer on the index page before they post another one.


    The Historian and Time-keeper Accounts.

    • The Historian - This account is used during the process of moving all the old content from the different boards.
    • The Placeholder - This account is the transferal of all current threads.
    • Staff NPC - For all the different types of staff NPCs that will be used on the site.
    • The Newsreader - The IC Newsreader.
    • Princeps Senatus - A NPC used to open and close the Senate meetings. 



    • The AeRonian is the blog used by staff to update the community on all things associated with the site. Members are welcome to comment and to add their thoughts.
    • All registered members are permitted to have a blog.
    • Members can use it as a personal blog or or RP related things.
    • No singling out other sites or members. The rules for the board also apply for the blogs.


    Images & Face claims.

    • No hot-linking of images. Please host your images to Nickpichost or another image hosting provider.
    • Avatar sizes are 250x250 px. However this will resize, but it must be squared. (updated 6/2020)
    • Face claims are on a "first in, best dressed" basis.
    • While historical garb is nice and adds to the aesthetics of the rp, you are not required to have a face that has played in a historical based movie. Use the face you desire to use. (added 6/2020)
    • Reservations are able to be made. However reserves do not go up until you have a WIP app up. Reserves last as long as the WIP is up. (updated 6/2020)
    • Face claims MUST be made once a character has been approved! If your character is approved and you have not reserved (or the reservation has ran its course) or claimed your face, your face is still up for grabs and you will lose it if someone else reserves the unclaimed face. 



    • The rules on the board apply to the discord.
    • Please change and keep your name as what it used on the main board so people know who you are.



    These rules may be edited and the members of the community will be notified.



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