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    • Are you looking for staff members at the moment?
      • Not currently. When we're in need, we'll post an announcement!
    • Does it cost money to have Aeterna Roma hosted?
      • Yes, and all costs are paid by the creator/owner, Gothic.
    • Am I able to contribute funds to support the site?
      • Yes, if you feel so inclined. Please PM me for more details about how you can contribute.
    • Is Aeterna Roma free to play?
      • It certainly is! There are no hidden costs of any kind.
    • Why all the Latin use?
      • We decided to use Latin to make the game feel more authentic and realistic. The city of Rome is split into the regions that were created by Augustus; the provinces are not listed singularly but instead in geographical groupings, but with original names.
    • Why is "City of Rome" in plural? & Other Latin questions
      • "The City of Rome" can translate in two ways. The older version is the one we use: Urbs Romae. "Romae" itself is the Latin noun Roma in three different noun cases, depending on the context. Here it is in Dative singular, which signifies the word "urbs" (city) as the city of Rome. It has become more common in recent decades to use the spelling Urbs Roma; both are correct.

        For the most part, we've named boards according to our own personal research; some areas have been added or modified for the purposes of plotting.


    • How many characters can I have?
      • Five is our recommended number, as generally most people have a hard time keeping any more than five characters regularly active. Technically speaking, you can have as many characters as you can actively play. Activity is determined by the staff, and so if you become inactive with too many characters, you may be asked to drop some.
    • How many canon characters can I have?
      • See the above answer. Remember that canon/wanted characters belong to the site (or the creator) and so, should you become inactive (without an away notice) with one, they will be taken from you and placed up for adoption once again.
    • How many wanteds can I create?
      • This is based on the needs of the site. Generally, if you need members of your character's family for his story (that you cannot NPC), make them as a wanted. Please PM a member of staff before creating any large adoptable families or ones connected with the Imperial family.
    • How long does it take for a character to be accepted into the game?
      • This depends on the application. Some apps have little to nothing to correct the first time through, while others might need a lot of revision. The easiest way to ensure a speedy acceptance is to comply with any revisions that the staff request you make.
    • How do I delete a character/account from the site?
      • Please send a PM to a member of staff with a request to have that particular account removed from the site. The character's app/bio will be archived. If the character is a canon or a wanted, it will become available for adoption.
    • Can anyone contribute to the main site plot?
      • Anyone can participate in major events, yes. While there will only be "one" main plot, instead of several main things going on at once, AeRo is free-form in RPing style, meaning that players are encouraged to engage in their own plots. Staff will act as guides and offer advice as needed. Any major gambits that would significantly affect the site do require that you contact staff to consult with first.





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